Yoga At Home for Beginners #1 : Setting Mood & Space (collaboration with Short Small & Sweet Blog)


Kicking off January & 2015 with a Yoga Series

I am super happy to bring you this special series and to kick start a health year. Join me in this special series is  Ru by Short Small & Sweet. Together we will provide a basic guide of practicing yoga at your own home  This guide is a great for those staring out yoga as much discuss will focus on beginner level yoga but those with more experiences can also benefits form this series  . Every week (on Mondays) we will talk about different topics form setting your space, tools, clothing, home sequences mini series,  maintaining a yoga schedule and yoga references from Apps, books and much more .

Just note that me & Ru are no experts in yoga and the suggestions made are basic in are experiences in practicing yoga at home . The idea of this post is to give you basic tips & guide  in how a Yoga at home can be enjoyable & fulfilling .

For week 1 : of this series we are kicking it off by how to set the mood & space

Go check out Ru by Short Small & sweet post in how she sets her home yoga space !!  :  Yoga at home for beginners #1


Setting the Mood & Space

Setting the mood & space is a very important element in practices yoga . As this can influences how you will benefit form yoga . setting the mood & space will help you have focus both mentally & body . Its also  super important  when doing at home yoga  since been at home sometimes can surround yourself with more distraction that can cause a challenge to forces. Below  I will show you  how I set my own space at home & achieve a non distraction space.


Making the air  calming to breath brings your space to calmness!

Making the air that we breath to a calmness is something that we don’t thing to do when doing home activities. But is actually a important element  in order to feel calm specially in your space & doing yoga at home.  And you can achieve this by using aromatherapy sprays !

Some of my favorites is by the brand Lotus Wei.

To bring Peace & Calmness I love Inner Peace mist. It has a mix  of Lavender (main scent), Vetiver & cedar. I mist this around the room or space that I will be doing yoga and its makes it smell amazing but also brings such a relaxing inner calmness to the room.

To bring self love I also use Infinite Love mist . I use this when practicing a more deeper yoga sequences or for those rain days that I need a extra lift  .  It has mix  of Mandarin, Rose Honey . Mandarin is the main scent that gives a up lifting yet a awaking scent . I love this one too for those days that you need a extra up lifting in your mood or spirit.

This next one is a exclusive mist by Lotus Wei & CAPBeauty  called The Captivator (only found at .  Its a energy mist that creates a room full of energy & self love. Its mix of sandalwood,geranium,neroli, gardenia & navel orange.  This mist does what it states as its a very uplifting yet very enjoyable in bring self happiness.

Using the MIST…..

I use each mist depending on the mood that I am in & how i want to set the mood in the room. I also spray these in the room but also in my self . Which helps a lot to set & prepare you for your sequences of that day.


Scents Influences are mood in many ways just like wearing red Lipstick !

Another great way yet easy to set the mood in your space for yoga is using candles . Burning a candle a few minutes before doing yoga helps to get you read but also helps you to focus better in your practices . As scents has the same impact of changing are mood just like wearing a red lipstick to feel like your in top of the world.

Some of  my Candle picks…

You can use any candle that you like or love but its important that you PICK a SCENT that brings you CALMNESS & FOCUS. Some great scents are Lavender, Lemongrass, Orange, Lemon & etc. Make sure the scent is a soft one and one that is not so over powering . Also don’t get scents that smell like candy, food or sweetness as theses can cause you to get hunger during  your practices!!

One of my favorites is a soy candle by Level Naturals in FOREST. I love this one as it brings the outdoor scent of green plants & trees indoors. I love how this scents helps me transport myself into the wildness of nature.

Other ways to scent your room..

Other ways you can bring scent into your room & set the mood is by using fresh herbs or flowers like for example  dry Lavender buds ( in photo). I place my dry buds in a contains and put two drops of essential oils to in power the smell of the lavender. I place it near me to breath the smell in and enjoy the benefits of lavender. You can also place this near a open window or fan  so the smell below around the room.


Feeling Beautiful makes you do well !

Yes, that’s right  feeling good is just as important . And if feeling good with your self is that you must wear makeup or lipstick or paint your nails like ME ! Then DO IT!!! Is just as important to feel go about your self before doing anything because if you don’t you will not enjoy your yoga . The reason is that your mind & body will get distracted, which will not allow you to enjoy the yoga sequences or  its benefits.

To me  Nail polish makes me Beautiful ……

When doing yoga one part of the body that you see most is your toes and for me personally if my toes are not pretty It cause me to get distracted as I am Thinking to myself ” My toes look really ugly “. So I always love to paint my toes into a bright color or a color that I love to feel good :). One of my favorites right now is Aila Cosmetics Nail Polish in #LikeABoss , its a beautifully gold that makes me feel golden !! Find it at

So go head put something Beautiful and roll out your Mat!!!


The light that shines on you !

The lighting in your yoga space is also a important part when doing yoga at home. Having the wrong lighting can cause you to go to sleep & can be a distraction. When ever possibly I recommend a light setting that not to bright or to low of a light. I aslo best recommended to use Natural sunlight as its the best & right about of light. Specially during the morning & afternoon hours.


The Space is & becomes your center!

The Space that you choice to practices yoga is a very important one . When choosing a space make sure its one that has a flat flooring as you don’t went to hurt your feet or your self when doing your sequences.

Pick a space that allows ME TIME ….

Also when picking a space in your home make sure its a space that is not one that people will come in & out of the room. Pick a room or space that allows you to have ME TIME alone for at least One Hour . If the room has a door that you can close that is even better as you will have more control of the distractions that can enter your space.

Enough space to move….

Make sure the room or space that you pick has enough room space for you to move around without bumming into things . But a amount of space that allows  you to move with easy & places your yoga mat . My key rule is to place my yoga mat in the center of the room & strength out my arms . If I can touch something  from my mat or from the length of my arms then that is telling you that its not enough room to move .

My Space …

Photo show above is my yoga space , Its actually a second living room space that is unused . I love this space for its four-windows & flat hard wood floors that I feel adds a touch of nature . It is a space that has a lot of room, which is super important !!

Always keep in mind that this space is your CENTER!


Plants Bring a breath of fresh air !!

In addition to Mist sprays & candles Plants also can play a roll in setting your room mood . Adding a touch of nature always brings us some form of calmness & inner peace .

Plants also give you a senses of being some where else in less words it transforms your space to your own getaway!!

I personally use a lot of green plants  like little palm trees seen in the photo. It really helps to bring in the nature feel inside the space and makes its look more like a little getaway thats is actually right in your home. You can even use fresh flowers and place them in a table to enjoy its smell. No matter what plant you bring let it be one that brings you calmness & joy but don’t pick one that will cause you distractions !!

This is the end of are First way of Yoga at home part #1 !!

I hope you enjoy this first part and make your to read up on Ru post as I am sure she has many great tips in how to set your home setting for yoga.

Stay tune for part #2 as we discuss  clothing picks & tools to make yoga practices more effective at home but also enjoyable .

7 thoughts on “Yoga At Home for Beginners #1 : Setting Mood & Space (collaboration with Short Small & Sweet Blog)

  1. Lovely posts from both you & Ru! I have just started 30 Days of Yoga via Yoga with Adriene’s youtube channel and I’m loving it. On day 5 at the minute. I love using the Lotus Wei mist, I have the scent Quiet Mind 🙂

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