Fall Travel Dairy: New York City CAPBeauty POP-UP Store


A Very Special Fall Travel Dairy & This Time  in NYC !!

About two weekends ago  ( In December) I got a little special News & invite to a preview of CAPBeauty frist Offical store opening in NYC.

CAPBeauty is a online Green Beauty & Wellness shop  . That carries brands like One Love Organics, Tata Harper, Rahua ,De Mamiel, Butter Elixier, Meow Meow tweet  and so many many more brands .

A Morning Green Beauty Brunch

CAPBeauty Team  & Sarite Coren aka  Ediblefacial.com  team up to organize a special morning brunch to present  a sneak peek look into the CAPBeauty store opening in January 2015 .

Getting it Ready…..

At the moment the store is not fully open as its in its peek stage  of coming to life but the CAPBeauty excitement was so big that they open a Pop-Up  to give the community and green beauty lovers a Peek to whats to come in 2015.

You can still shop Online and see a list of brands that they carrier!


……A cold Morning with a warm welcome Green Brunch …..

A cold morning in a Sunday  , yet filled with excitements to see my Green New York Friends & a grand preview of finally a green Beauty store in NYC.  Finding the location was easy and to be honest is hard not to miss it .The windows where cover in Greens of Pine tree and plants with stock up CAPBeauty box’s with logo in Hot Pink color !!!

 Walking in to a warm welcome & Local Support brunch included Tea  & orange juice , Fresh farm eggs, oranges , milk  by local farm and a local Green Juice . A long with home made bars, ( Photo Above)

After we warm up with Tea a welcome speech was giving by the owners of CAPBeauty !! Telling us what the shop will look like and what it will bring .

All I can say is that is going to be amazing!!


A Perview….. of what CAPBEAUTY OFFERS !!!

With wood tables  & shelf’s covered with fresh Pine tree gave the room a beautiful scene. A long center table was the main focus of the shop . One that display products & brands  as a form of art work surrounded by local greens .

Some of the brands found in the center table where S.w Basic Lip balms, Meow Meow tweet soaps, Lotus Wei , Kjaer Weis Makeup , Earth tu face and many more. The table was full of over 8 brands of product.  ( Seen in photo above & Below ).

For us this is like a little candy store shop & A dream come true !!!


…………The line up of Brands ……

The line up of brands feature in the store was amazing it included everything form local brands to high end green beauty brands and even some international brands only found in the store . Everything that you need form face care to body care to makeup to even perfumes & baby products where all found here!


………Not only Green Beauty but also wellness is found here………

The best part that we came to find is that you don’t only find  green beauty brands here but also wellness brands like detox, aromatherapy  products & teas  & even books to get you started in your green living or beauty .

A store that focus on inner & outer beauty!!


………CAPBeauty & Green Community …….

The enjoyment of seen in person that line up of brands in this store was just one part of the excitement ! In addition to enjoy the sneak peek   I got to share this grand opening with my Green friends.

A moment that finally came true for us and the best part is coming to see it come true TOGETHER!!

we sure where over-welled by what CAPBeauty will be offering when opening its official doors . In addition to meet up with brand owners  like Tara form Meow Meow Tweet & many more , Along with green beauty makeup artist Rebecca & Kristen . As well as local natural therapy specialist . A store that brought the community together and allow us to  chat , try products on each other and  more tea talk !


Thank You  so much CAPBeauty Team for opening its doors   & Sarita.C for making this day happen !!

AS we see a bright GREEN 2015 !!!!!

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