Goodebox November 2014



Its a Goodebox  Time & this is the November Box.

This month Goodebox this month is about “combating winter and the holiday rush . In this box it include problem solvers for winter & holiday skin”.

Basic Information on subscription service:

Goodebox is a green beauty & lifestyle box that send you 5 to 7 products a month for $18. The products range from samples to full size.  The selection of products for each month are base off your profile fill out form. which means that  8 to 10 products are chosen for that month but you only get the ones that fit your profile.

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Products Inside The Box



1. MyChelle Clear Skin Spot Treatment ( Full Size  , $16 .15ml )

It’s always nice to try a new acne spot treatments  and one to have in hand specially now . No one wants a zit for the holiday party’s . I like how this product is VEGAN and has ingredients like Lavender oil , Lemongrass and Aloe . I been using it as a spot treatment and like how it does not dry my skin like many some spot treatments do.

2. Tatcha  Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Power ( Deluxe Sample 0.35oz, Full Size $65, 2.1oz)

Its super exciting to try out a very luxury brand like this one and even more exciting to try a product by the brand. But became sad 😦 once I read the ingredient that it has Talc, Alcohol and Phenoxyethanol.  Three ingredient that I avoid and even more so if combine together.  I will be putting this guy in some one stocking for Christmas that has no issue with these ingredients. Some one is going to be super happy to get this that’s for sure.

3. Zosimos Botanical Raspberry & Honey face Mask ( Sample Size, Full Size $ 28, 4 oz)

A new brand to me and one that I happy to try. This mask is made of off only three ingredient which is great. You just mix part mask powder & part water and mix in a bowl.  When I first use it I like it  as my skin felt fresh and clean . Also like how it provide your face with antioxidant .

4. EO Everyone Yoga  Bubble bath ( Travel sample size 1.5fl, Full Size $13, 600 ml)

Who doesn’t love a bubble bath specially in a long day of work or to just pamper your self in a Sunday afternoon. This bubble bath has a very lemon & lavender smell to it  that is very awaking . I used it one morning in a travel trip and really gave me a lift up to my start.

5. Lauran Brooke Corrective Concealer ( Sample Size, Full Size $14, 7g)

Was happy that I got to try another product by this brand . A few months back I got their setting power which I love . I am always in search for that one perfect concealer  and  really like this one for its silk & soft feel into the skin. It help to even out red and dark tones under my eyes . It also works great as a under eye highlighter as it provides brightnesses to the under eye area.

6.Blissoma Scentless Stick Solid Natural deodorant ( Sample Size, Full Size $ 15, 2 oz ) 

I like to try out new deodorants and see whats out their .I have hear great things about this brand deodorant too. But OH BOY was this a TOTAL  BUST ! This was the most rough and dry deodorant that I ever use. It feels like its scratching your skin when your putting it on. As it has a very grain texture . Nope not for me .


My thoughts on this Month Box


Like any subscription services their is good months and bad months. This month was a O.K month. As I could not use Two of the products that where sent but for 2 out of 6 is not bad at all. Also I learn about products that I know now to never even put a eye on and saves me Money. I love the theme of  this box and how the products fix in with it . AS always I like How I get mix of products form beauty and body care.

Until Next month, which is not to far away ! 🙂




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