Fall Pumpkin Madness Edition Recap


Pumpkin Madness Recap !

It’s all about Pumpkin this week with Thanksgiving  Just a few days away. But it’s also been a  great few weeks of Monday Pumpkin Madness. As I been sharing with you some of my pumpkin favorites . It’s Sad but been Pumpkin fun !!  In this post I am  recapping  all of the lovely  products Picks as Now we go to enjoy some Pumpkin Pie.

Thank You all Pumpkin Lovers and everyone that support this blog series ! I hope your Mondays are now sweet as Pumpkin 🙂


Fall Pumpkin Madness  Edition Recap Picks :

Osmia Organics the master of  Pumpkin Soap

Osmia Organics is hands down the best Pumpkin soap maker that I have every use in terms of  using Pumpkin in bar soaps. Both the Zucca Spice & the Luz Enzyme Facial soap are amazing  to the last inch of it.

The Zucca Spice  just puts you into fall mood while Luz Facial Soap provides the brightness to your face .

You can read more in detail about each product in blog post :

  Zucca Spice Bar Soap

 Luz  Enzyme Facial Soap

  Acure Organics  Best of Best in Making Pumpkin Cream Body Wash

 Acure Organics has the most creams body wash I every used in addition to having the Coconut + Pumpkin scent one that I love . I usually just switch between Osmia organic  bar soap and this body wash to have both product last me a little longer 🙂

The coconut+ Pumpkin body wash is just a perfect  combination of fall & Caribbean in one bottle   .

You can read more detail about the product in blog post:

Acure Organics Coconut + Pumpkin cream Body wash



The All Natural Face Has It All

The All Natural Face is such a great brand  and one of my most favorites to try out FUN makeup colors specially eye shadows .Specially if your not so much a bright eye color  gal like me 🙂

The eyeshadow in PUMPKIN is a beautiful fall orange brown color that can be build to a bright color or to add a pop of color to your  neutral eye look.

You can read more detail and see color swatch on blog post :

PUMPKIN Eyeshadow

A Face scrub that  makes you want to EAT IT

This Pumpkin & papaya seed  face scrub by Earthwise Beauty is such a lovely raw product that you could almost just eat because of how pure its made . It works great and feels great in the skin.

Love how gentle it is and how its feels that your skin is been feed food.

You can read more detail in blog post:

Earthwise Beauty Pumpkin & Papaya Face Scrub

I hope you enjoy this Pumpkin Edition  and I wish You ALL a HAPPY & SWEET PUMPKIN THANKSGIVING DAY !!!!!


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