Fall Pumpkin Maddness Edition : Eye Shadow color + oops I ate Mondays Post !


OOPS I ate Mondays Post !!!

YEs, its TRUE I ate Mondays post and totally forget to take picture & realize it after I finish eating it ,LOL. I know I am such a bad Blogger !!! šŸ™‚ It was very taste too.

But its O.K Its Wednesday and Its Pumpkin Time !!!

For this Pumpkin Madness Post I bring you something a little different and not so expected when you think off pumpkin !

This week I bring you my favoriteĀ  Fall eye shadow color by The All Natural Face Called PUMPKIN .

The All Natural Face is a natural beauty line that is a favorite among many green bloggers in the community. The company makes their products in small patches and are vegan too. Their products lin include but not limited to body care, hair care, makeup and they just launch a new nail polish line .

More information go too: theallnaturalface.com


Ā Pumpkin Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow color is influences by the the orange brown color of Pumpkin. A color that is not too orange or to yellow or brown instead its a color that is not to bright or to dark but just right.

Ingredient list :Mica, Magnesium Myristate Boron Nitride Oxides



A Great Season color without Screaming PUMPKIN on your eyes !!

Pumpkin is a beautiful color that looks great with cream &Ā  browns color eyeshadow. Really been loving this color to just add a pop of season color but without looking super bright or making my eyes scream color to people.Ā  Its just a great orange brown color for Fall !!


The Function of this PUMPKIN

The All Natural Face eye shadows work great and go on smooth . This eye shadow is actually a matte color eyeshadow. As we know Matte tend to be very power like and tend to be a little more work when putting on the lid. This one went on smooth and the color just brush easy into my lids without been power every where.

The color in the EYES

IMG_0407.JPGIn the Photo above is the eye shadow in my lid . As you can see it s beautiful orange brown that can be added to the eyes for a little pop of colorĀ  without been to loud ! Its looks beautiful with brown eye shadows.


I hope you enjoy this Pumpkin post and some Fall eyes colors !!

More Pumpkin to come on MONDAY!! I promise I won’t EAT IT šŸ™‚


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