Kitchen -Up Nail Care

IMG_0770.JPGKitchen-Up Nail Care

Winter is here !! Which means its Dry Skin in full forces . AS the air gets colder are skin starts to dry up and seeks more moisturizer . Some of the areas that get hit or hurt the most in are body’s is are Hands & Face . As they tend to be the ones exposed the most to the dry cold air .  Which means we need to focus full care  in making sure that are face & Hands are getting that extra moisturizer to avoid crack dry patches or dry spots.

In this winter  kitchen-Up I show you one of my favorite ways to keep my hands &  Nail  winter dry free.By using basic ingredients that are found right in are Kitchen cabinet.

Lets get Moisturizers  & COOKING!!!!

Ingredients use to make HOME -MADE  Hand Scrub


One of the most things that your hands need is moisture . Using a basic home oil such as olive oil, sunflower,  or Coconut oil (in this case) are great ingredients to beat the dry skin war of winter. They are oils that protect the skin by building a  skin shield  that helps to keep moisture in the skin.


Fresh Flowers or Herbs !

We all love a fragrances special when we are going to pamper are skin. For this hand scrub I use Dry Lavender as my fragrances choice due to its relaxing smell that will give me a nice calm & SPA effect. YOU can use   also dry Roses , Mint, or any dry flower or herb of choice . Pick one that you love and enjoy the smell of fresh flowers.


Scrub … Scrub……!

The most important part of any scrub and to take away dry spot is the scrub ingredient . For this scrub I use sea salt & Pure sugar . It give the skin a nice good scrub effect without being to rough on the skin. If you have very sensitive skin use Oat Meal  & sugar to give you a more gentle scrub.  Other ingredients you can use is brown sugar, Oat meal, Coconut sugar , just to name a few .

Step-By-Step in Making this lovely simple Hand scrub

Processed with Moldiv

Step 1 . I crush the  2 spoons of lavender  just a little bit to help release the natural oils of lavender for a stronger fragrances smell.   Step 2. Take your dry ingredients ( 2 spoons) Sea Salt & Sugar (3 spoons)  and add them to your crush Lavender. Step 3. Mix the dry ingredients  & lavender together with a spoon . Step 4. Take  the coconut oil (  2-3 spoons ) & add it to your dry mix . Step 5. Mix  the dry ingredients and coconut oil together to make the scrub mix. If you see that you need more oil or sugar just add a little more depending in your preferences. Step 6. Take a empty container in where you can place your scrub mix that is close tight to not allow air inside . Step 7 . After finishing the scrub mix just place in your container of choice  using a spoon or scoop to pure in container. Step 8. Now your scrub is ready at hand when every you need it . You can leave it out in room  temperature  & hand a shelf life of 2 to 3 weeks. IMG_0775.JPGNo that you made the scrub you can scrub away all those winter dry stops and keep your hands healthy. I scrub my hands a least twice a week to keep them form cracking and keeping my hands on check .

(The photo above  is  what the scrub looks like after making. ) Just take a scoop of the home made scrub and rub it all over you hands  . Then just wash it off with warm water and dry them with a hand towel. Leaving a result of smooth soft hands . Your Hands will thank you !!!


Dress UP your Nails !

NOW that your hands are moisturizer and looking healthy it time to PRETTY them up and show them off.  I been love to use natural skin tone color nail polish like creams, light pinks and brown for a simple buy classic look. I am current using Aila Cosmetic nail polish in I’m Naked! I’m Naked! (photo Above) . Its such a lovely cream color that goes on smooth and simple chic. JUST LOVE !♥

Other nail polish that I LOVE  is the NEW colors by <a href="http://Julep. Some my favorite classic colors  Including Abigial, Ava, Alaina, and among others . Check out their new collection for beautiful nail polish colors . ♥


I hope you enjoy this Winter Hand Care Tip in My Kitchen-Up Post !!!

Thank  You ♥


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