Fall Pumpkin Maddness Edition with Earthwise Beauty Face Scrub


Time to sweet up this MONDAY with PUMPKIN !

Its crazy to think that its already the 4th Week of Pumpkin  Madness, time sure fly by.

This week I bring you a New Brand  called Earthwise Beauty.

 I was recent introduce to Earthwise Beauty through my last Goodebox .  Earthwise Beauty is a natural & hand made skin care brand that focus on natural fresh ingredients . Their products are made in small batches and of course with lot of love and care. To learn more about this brand   go too : earthwisebeauty.com

Earthwise Beauty Pumpkin & Papaya Seed Face Scrub


This Eathwise Beauty face scrub sound so good that its good enough to eat !

The face scrub is made out of fresh papayas, grin pumpkin/ papaya  seed  & honey . Are just some of the amazing ingredients inside this lovely face scrub. The scrub can be used for all skin types but especially benefits oily & acne-prone skin.

This face scrub is pretty much food for your skin.


Given your skin some food !

I’ve used this face scrub a few times now and it feel so good in the skin to the point that I feel like I am actually feeding my skin food. The light scrub giving by the grin pumpkin & papaya seed help to soften any rough or dry stops . while the Moroccan red clay helps to detoxify the skin by giving you a little tight feel . A sign that your skin is being clean out & nourish. I pretty much just massage it into my skin and leave it for 5 minutes for it to do its job to feed my skin.

A sweet scent

This has a lovely sweet scent of grapefruit, clementine  and chamomile  mix together. which gives it a nice fresh yet sweet scent that is soft and yet awaking . Really love the scent although i wish it did smell like Pumpkin more  🙂



As  you can see in the  ( photo above ) some of the ingredients  are raw & organic including pumpkin seed &  honey.  Contain oils of grapefruit, roman chamomile,  almond oil and other good ingredients.  All ingredients are organic, naturals & cruelty free. This product is not VEGAN.


My thoughts  on this sweet Face treat !

I really have enjoy this product specially products that are made so pure & raw . I enjoy the experiences in provide my face with such a sweet food treat. The only down fall is that this product has a VERY SHORT Shelf life !!!! The product must be kept inside a refrigerate between uses. Or else it will soiled on you !!!

Which means that I am more likely too forget this product as it hides in my refrigerator.

To me that was a really down fall :(. I love pure products don’t get me wrong but if you had to keep it in a refrigerator YOU KNOW YOUR FORGET THAT ITS EVEN THEIR UNTIL MONTHS LATER.For me its a lovely product but just that not function-able for this ON the Go Gal !

I hope you enjoy This Pumpkin Monday Edition!!!



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