Fall Travel Diary : Feed, Nourish,Beautify Event in New York City


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 Green-Beauty Get Together

It been a while since the green beauty gals got together as the last time we where chatting  up  was in the beginning of summer.  Thanks to the little angle Sarita  form Edible Facials got the group together once more before the cold Hit us here in the East coast.

This time we where getting together for : Feed Nourish Beautify Event !!!

As soon at I got the details I book my Train ticket to head to NYC…….I could not  miss this event .

The RAIN Just Keeps Following ME ……

Just like in my last trip to Boston to meet up with the lovely green bloggers their It RAIN & this time was no DIFFERENT IT RAIN EVEN MORE !!!! So it turn out to be a rain day & a tough travel trip :(. But I didn’t let that stop me !!!!

Arriving to Yarok Beauty Kitchen Salon

Walking in a long white hallway  in my lovely wet flats . As I enter I am greeted by the lovely Sarita who had the brightness smile . A big green hug had to take place :). My wet coat was removed as I was  quickly  handed a white organic wine to my hand . While Sarita  & I catch up and got up to date with tonight’s event.

People quickly roll in  slowly but shortly the green gals came in . Turning to another Green Hug Moment after another .

Inside the Yarok Hair  Kitchen Salon

Inside the salon that was turn into different sets of stations , where everyone was able to demo & have a one on one or group talk with the brand sponsors . Including a experience with products  testing  . Let me now give you a walk through experiences of each one .



 If you where under stress the moment you walk in that quickly went away . As the Beauty Water station spray us with her magic calm water spray .

Which smell amazing & kept the  space with calmness & JOY.


 As mention above the event took place at the Yarok Hair salon , in which welcome everyone  to get a hair treatment right off the kitchen .

 Hair Food  Kitchen that’s out out of this world !!!

In the Back section of  this space is where all the food action was happen but not for are tummy’s instead it was for are Hair.  How it work was that Natural pure oils and pure vegetables or plants where selected basic on your hair needs. Ingredients where cut fresh and mix with pure oils and then blend up in the STOP to make the best hair treatment .

It was pretty much a food menu for your HAIR …..

After treatment place  in your hair by one of the lovely Yarok staff , you where then taking to the hair wash station where you would get a nice hair rub as you enjoy the beautiful earth scents of  Yarok hair products, SMELL SO AMAZING .


After a foodie hair treatment & hair wash you are taking to get a hair blow out as Yarok hair stylist would straight out  your hair leaving it show its shine and volume look ,

In less words your hair Look like its Ready to hit that Red Carpet !!!

IMG_0764.JPGAfter  getting hair down that its ready to show off a good   makeup  look had to go together with all the glam.

The magic Makeup chair with Rebecca Cascianco

The lovely Rebecca .C was their to finish are fix up to go with are Glam Hair.  A spot on her chair was like a Dream  !!! . Everyone that was their wanted a piece of that green beauty chair .

A Makeup Desk  that we ALL DREAM OFF

Rebecca  brought her all time favorites and New Love Launches . Such as RMS, Kjaer Weis & La Bella Figura newest makeup collection. Along with other Green beauty brand favorites  that we all love or are lusting over.

Being in the Magic makeup Chair

I was honor  to be able to chat with Rebecca and get too  experiences  her doing my Makeup . As she did my makeup she focus on my brown eyes by creating a smoke look with Kjaer Weis eyeshadow and kept my  natural red tone lips by using Kjaer Weis to highlight my natural red-pink tone color  . Light blushing my checks  with Vaour Aure Blush to finish the natural night look.

Through the whole time it was laughter & many great tips in how to enhances my own unique beauty. Thanks Rebecca.C !

In addition to experiences  the magic chair it was also so much fun to see everyone makeup look and how some of the same colors looked different  in are skin tone  but yet enhances are natural beauty .

Between so much station and information their is also the meet & greet moments .

Their where so many amazing people  both  store & brand owners along with many great Green Blogger friends and local people of New York City.

Got to catch up with some of the lovely green bloggers & meet with many of you that I had not got a chance to meet up with. Of  course as always the conversations are filled with laughter along with talking about are fail products & are best finds to what we are testing out in the moment.

Its a good thing that we have work the next day because we can go on forever 🙂

Its always a fun green girls night out with the peeps ♥

Processed with MoldivAs the nigth flys by and the green juice finishes up , its time to give green hugs .

Its time to head home as tomorrow morning is another day of real life 🙂 . The whole event turn out to be filled with joy and much lovely green scents and laughter .

Keep the  Green experiences going …

To keep the joy of this event & remind us of these special moments Goodie Bags where created, in which where filled with different goodies form the brands or stores that took on supporting event.

I am off  home to a 2 hour travel  trip with a happy green beauty face ♥ see you next time !


First and form most want to thank  Sarita C., Yarok Hair  Team , Beauteabar, Rebecca Casciano, & Beauty water Collections for making this event possible . Along to all the supporters & bloggers that attended the event. And to all the brand owners that took part & took their time to support this beautiful event as well.

PS. Sorry if I miss anyone or didn’t get a chance to greet or say Hi. So many  beautiful people  that it was hard to get to everyone. I hope To greet you soon .

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