Fall Pumpkin Maddness Edition with More Osmia Organics, Pumpkin for face !!!



It’s Monday !!! It’s Pumpkin Time !!

For this  3rd week of Pumpkin Madness I bring Osmia Organics Facial Soap LUZ

Osmia Organic is a natural & organic & cruelty -free  brand that has the most amazing SOAPS one could every have in their tub. Osmia Organics soap  is one of the products that their know for but this brand in addition to soap it has a whole skincare & body care line . In addition to a beautiful oil base perfume and a line up of lip care products.   To check out more about this brand & products go to  osmiaorganics.com.

Osmia organics Luz Enzyme Facial Soap

This week I present to you a NEW addition to my facial care a facial soap with Pumpkin ( Photo Above) the Luz Enzyme facial soap.  As the winter comes in and we are less expose to sun are skin start to loose that summer GLOW and becomes  less bright just like winter.

The Luz facial soap is just that the sun to are face as it  brings & help  maintains  that sun glow all winter, YES PLEASE !!!



The ingredients of Luz facial soap are rich in glow ingredients  as it has Pumpkin, tomato paste,honey,mango, just to name a few of whats inside this little glowing bar. In the photo above you can see the full list of all the ingredients found or at osmiaorganics.com .

Pumpkin is your skin LUZ ….

Pumpkin is full of minerals & vitamins that  help to boost are body .  The benefit that its has to the skin is that PUMPKIN contain  fruit enzyme , zinc ,  Vitamin A , E &  C,alpha hydroxy acids  that all play a role in helping the skin heal , smooth &  increase cell turn over to help with skin brightness .


Even more amazing is that PUMPKIN molecular structure are so small that its actually goes deeper into in the skin, which is amazing for treating dull, aging &   Pigmentation skin .

OK enough with my science side , lets see this gold PUMPKIN Bar !!!


Bring me  Light PUMPKIN !!

The Luz facial bar is just that a bar that looks like a bright light with its yellow & orange color     ( Photo Above). The bar has this beautiful bright color due to ingredients like  Organic PUMPKIN.  A bar that will catch any eye  due to  its natural attraction . That everyone would  want to grab it even your PETS too 🙂


Its FALL scents of bright  color

The facial soap has a lovely scent of fall as you can smell the lovely mint side of it  that comes form  containing  Rosemary .  Its light scent just adds to it great bright color, too your nose & eyes  .

Its function

I will not give to much details as a full review will be discussed later on after I have used its a little longer .  But what I can say is that this  facial bar has a light foam that works great using it on its own or using a facial sponge for a deeper face wash. The scent as mention above gives you a relaxing facial wash I call it , ”  SPA wash for your face”  .

Its a facial soap that bright up your mood & your skin at the same time .

  LUz brightness & No more Winter Darkness

Since starting to use Luz my face has kept its glow ON. My face looks healthy and not dull as I start to combat the cold & temperature drops . In addition to keeping my dry stops at bay.

This WINTER I Will Only Be Glowing  !!!

See you next MONDAY for more Fall Pumpkin Madness.:)


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