Goodebox October 2014



Its a Goodebox  Time & this is the October  Box.

This month Goodebox is All About Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And bringing awareness about using  healthy choice products that are chemical free as ” Clean is the New Pink ” .

Basic Information on subscription service:

Goodebox is a green beauty & lifestyle box that send you 5 to 7 products a month for $18. The products range from samples to full size.  The selection of products for each month are base off your profile fill out form. which means that  8 to 10 products are chosen for that month but you only get the ones that fit your profile.

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Products Inside The Box




1. Earthwise Beauty Pumpkin & Papaya Seed Organic Face Scrub & Mask  ( Sample size  about 0.5 oz, Full size $ 32,  2 oz)

When I send Pumpkin writing all over this I got super excited. It smells great and has a somewhat clay cream  texture.  The only down fall of this product is that the ingredients are so fresh that it went bad in three day that I had it . Also it needs to be kept inside your refrigerator . So its a item that can get forgotten . I have a full review coming up in my Pumpkin Madness   Edition.

2. DN-UNIK Anti-Aging Day Cream with Hyaluronic Acid  & 3 . DN-UNIK Anti-againg Night Cream with Hyaluronic Aci (  Both Sample 0.34 oz, Both  Full size  $58-60 , 1.69 oz )

The following two anti-aging creams for day & night are actually Vegan .  But I had to pass them down to a friend as  the product contain two alcohol ingredients that I tend to get a allergic reaction.  I can’t say much about the product other then it just didn’t fix my standards but My friend is super help to get to try them.

4. Vapor Organic Beauty Mesmerize Eye Shimmer in Voltage ( Sample size , Full size $ 20, 0.11 oz)

It was exciting to see this brand in the box since I miss it the last time it was in. This cream eyeshadow is a pretty purple,blue with silver shimmers. A nice color for the holidays coming up. Although found it to be more shimmer then what it is in color .

5. Angel Face Botanicals Lavender  Oil Face Clarifying Serum (  Sample size 1/2 oz , Full size $ 48 ,4.3 oz).

One lavender product that I have not add to my lavender collection is a Lavender facial serum but NOW I have one to try. I am very curios to see how this product works for sure it will be relaxing & lavender is know to be good for acne skin. I current testing this out RIGHT now and really love the soft relaxing scent. So far no breakouts for it 🙂 ,I’LL keep you posted.

6. Jillian Wright Skincare Congested Skin Cleanser ( Sample size about  0.5 oz, Full size $38 , 4 oz )

This face cleanser is for acne or problem skin  and it smells just like a mix of berries . It smells so good but have yet to use it . I may just save this one for my coming holiday trips  since its a nice travel size .

My Thoughts on October Box


I love the theme  of the box  in bring awareness about Breast cancer and using clean non-chemical free products. Information that is much needed in the community . In terms of products I love how all the name brands are new & its the first time I get to try the brand. Although their where a few products that didn’t work for me due to ingredients  or  early solid product it still was a good box. Some of the items that I really love and have been enjoying are the Lavender serum & Vapor organic cream eyeshadow.

See you in the next box !!

Note: I get goodebox with my own money & the review are honest always.

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