Fall Pumpkin Maddess Edition with Acure Organics



It’s Monday !!! & That means its PUMPKIN MONDAYS

If you miss out for the next few weeks  I will will be hosting Pumpkin Madness Edition in the blog with new post every MONDAY.

Because Mondays needs to be a little sweeter !!!!

The first post which was last Monday  feature Osmia Organics Zucca Soap  . Read up here to catch up : http://wp.me/p3R10z-tW

For this week I bring you Pumpkin Madness with Acure Organics

   Acure Organics is a natural & organic brand that has a amazing collection of products that range form body care, face care,  &  their recent launch  of   soap bars   . The brand in addition to having organic or natural ingredients it also support Fair trade & is Non animal testing . To check out  more about this brand & Products  go to acureorganics.com

Acure organics Ultra -Hydrating Body Wash in Coconut + Pumpkin

This week I bring you my favorite Fall pumpkin body wash (Photo Above)  Acure organics ultra-hydrating body wash in Coconut + Pumpkin. This body was is super hydrating for the skin special now as temperature drop & are skin gets more dry.



The ingredients  of this Pumpkin body wash is so rich as it has coconut oil, jojoba, argan oil,olive oil,vitamin E, organic Pumpkin seed oil,, CoQ10, rose-hip, just to name a few of the great selection of goodness that this little orange Guy has. In the photo above you can see the full list of  all the great ingredients found or at acureorganic.com .

A body wash that for sure will leave your skin soft & not hunger !!!


A Cream Texture to smooth

This body wash has such a cream texture  to it that it feels like your washing off with lotion. As you can see in the above photo  it is more of a cream texture then what it is liquid. It will not leave any layer on the skin of feeling sticky or oily. It just washes off  nice & clean.


Foam Up some Pumpkin

A little of this body wash goes a long way has it creates a good foam. As you can see in the above photo I use a tiny bit and rub my hands with a few drops of water & foam was every where !!!So if you like body wash that  real foam well then this IS IT. And believe ME this is not common found in nature or organic body wash, which is why I think Acure Organics body was is such a favorite among people in the green community.

PUMPKIN  Smell  in Caribbean !!

 I find this body wash combine the best of both Fall weather by being out in the Caribbean smelling like coconuts in Fall.

It has  a fall smell more then then its does of PUMPKIN with a hit of coconut note in the end . I like that it has more of a soft & smooth scent that is not over powering . Specially if you put on a scent  oil right after.


                                               SEE YOU NEXT MONDAY FOR



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