Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo NJ : Shopping goodies



The Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo : Shopping Goodies

In September I attended the Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo in NJ , A two-Day event that is about informing, education & tasting out products that are free of wheat, soy, & other ingredients that are common know to cause allergies to many.

Along with all the tasting you get to talk to brand owners & sit down on education workshop in how to live a gluten & allergen free life style.


 More Information about event :


(photo Above)

Along with learning & eating  you get to also buy products while you are their to take home . I actually got a little of every area form food, body & beauty products.

For Body I got Five soaps by Soapbox soap

I had to pick up a few of my favorite scents in addition to the fact that I had ran out of soap too. So good timing. I pick up Lavender, Orange , Black soap, Unscented & Eucalyptus . I love these for their great true scent  & for been natural in addition to every soap gives back to a community.

For Food I got a Protein Shake Teraswhey in Blueberry

I been searching for a good protein shake  that is easy to make but also taste good. so I got a chance to taste a few flavors of this brand & was very surprise that it taste good but also is USDA ORGANIC along with being Gluten-free. This cost me between $18-19 for a 12 severing container. Considering the  high quality & nutrition that it contain I though it was a great price.

I will be doing a full review of this products in terms of its use , serving, taste & how My body felt while using this product. so stay tune.

For Beauty I got Red Apple Lipstick selection of products

I was thrilled to meet up with the owners of Red Apple lipstick  & get to know them their passion in how the brand came to be.  After much chatting I  took the chance and pick a few products that where in my wish list.

The eye shadow in TUTU , which is a light shimmer pick & the Red Apple Lipstick Z palette.  I  also got their mascara  & two lipsticks in the color Audrey and Maven Mauve.

I am current testing out all the products so stay tune for a full review .

Below your find swatches of both the lipsticks that I got. Both are pretty pick color’s that work for a everyday wear & through out the whole season.


The Lipstick color in their tubes . Both very pretty pink tone colors .


Swatches of both colors :  Top  is Audrey &  Bottom  is Maven Mauve

MY thought on my goodies

I feel that I got a good selection of product while I was their. My goal was to get products form each area but also get products that I needed or been wanting to get for the longest . I am sure happy that I got a chance to get these products  but also to test run them before I took them home. Which is the best part of this event is that you get to test run products & find out if they fit your needs.

Make sure to check out  , to see where the next nearest event is taking place. I highly recommend that you attended special if you have any allergies to food or issues with gluten.

OCT 25-26th is at SPRINGFIELD,MA


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