Fall Pumpkin Madness Edition with Osmia Organic


Let the Pumpkins Roll In !!

In this first post of Fall Pumpkin Madness  I bring  my ONE ONLY Favorite Pumpkin Soap.  A stable Soap that I Get every year !! And makes my Fall little brighter.

If you don’t know about Osmia Organics Soaps , Now You will. Osmia Organic is a natural & organic, Vegan  Brand base out in the beautiful landscape of  Carbondale, CO.  This heaven brand is know for its beautiful hand crafted soaps  that are know to get you in touch back with nature .

More information: osmiaorganics.com


  Every Fall season Osmia Organics comes out with a seasonal  Limited Edition soap. For Fall the lovely owner & staff go PUMPKIN CRAZY and brings us  ZUCCA SPICE SOAP ♥

The soap is package in a 100% Biodegradable paper ( AS showed above in Photo) .


ZUCCA SOAP Ingredients

The soap is filled with loving ingredients including Organic Pumpkin !!! In addition to Mango& Coconut that leaves the skin with a soft and moisturizer feel…….

( List of ingredients above in Photo)

As its scent comes form  a blend of organic & wild harvested essential oils that makes you want to sniff the soap & your self event second. !! I kid you not 🙂 . Her soaps have this affects …..

This Pumpkin soap is just one too Love ♥ in every ingredient way .

IMG_0461.JPG Zucca Spice Naked …

When opening Osmia  Organics Soaps you are opening a little treasure I always say . The soap design is a ART WORK that you just want to admired .  Even more special is the printed words found inside ” Its Okay to be  really excited about this Soap “  & Yes its super exciting to have this soap in hand .


Up close & personally with ZUCCA Spice……

As you can see the beauty of this soap in the (above Photo) that shows its artistic side . ZUCCA SPICE is a  6 OZ soap bar  for a cost of $12 . A great big size I say to myself that I always cut the bar in half not only to hold it in my little hands but to enjoy  having it a little longer .

The soap looks like Baked PUMPKIN PIE….

….As it has  the color of PUMPKIN due to the Fact that this soap is actually made with real Pumpkin. mmmmm….. its a good thing that I can’t eat this because … I may have .


Pumpkin Heaven …In the Shower

The scent of Zucca Spice is  a Fall Spice smell……

The scent is light yet not strong that leaves a pleasant fall scent in your skin of Pumpkin spices mix  like nutmeg, cinnamon, clover with a hit of mint .  A very alive scent to awaking your fall spirits & mood .


Osmia Organic Soaps like all Make a great foam while showering & a little rubbing with water is all you need to get this bubbling up. After showering with it my family always comments me by stating ” OH, she took a bath with that SPA soap of  hers ” Jejejejje

I hope you enjoy this First post of  PUMPKIN .  Make sure to  stay tune for next week for more PUMPKIN MONDAYS !!!!


5 thoughts on “Fall Pumpkin Madness Edition with Osmia Organic

  1. Ahh I’ve heard so many great things about this soap, it sounds incredible! I love Autumn time of year when spicy scents come out..love it! Onto my wishlist it goes…

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