Fall Travel Diary : Boston + Green Blogger Meet Up = Follian



Fall trip to Boston

This past Saturday October 11th  , I  Took a little road trip  up to Boston  as I figure I was close by in New York  for meeting for work. I decide to contact Ru form Short Small & Sweet Blog to gather some of the other Green Bloggers to Meet up to  Green Shop & have some Tea.

Date, Time ,Place, & Shopping experiences was all Set  .

Hitting the Road …..

Of course nothing always ends up a smooth ride ! The Day to head off to my Boston & New york road trip woke up to Heavy Rain & fog 😦 . Through the whole 8 Hour Drive  I kept my figures cross that The Rain would Move Away.

But I took it slowly with My Green Tea in Hand &  Pop Music  Kept My spirits Dancing  :). As The rain didn’t allow me to see & Leaves where falling like Rain … slippery Road HEAD !!!

BUT I MADE IT TO BOSTON ….. Safe with 30 minutes to turn in my rental car & find the shop Location.


Found the lovely Shop  as the area surround its self with Brick English Homes & Trees in Fall Rainbow colors  as the air was crisp.

AS your Enter……..

Hold a old fashion knob as I turn to enter  & open the door you are HIT with Fresh scent of Naturally smells a combination scent of all the products that hold in this treasure shop.

Of course their I meet  Happy Shirley (Green Beauty Youtuber  :  Non-Toxique Voyage ) , AS  SWEET Ru ( Blog Short Small& Sweet : shortsmallsweet.net) Arrives & Right behind  lovely Bellina ( Owner of  Econibella  ) Joins in .

Display of ART……

AS you enter you notice how all the green products are display as Art of Painting . Giving a clear view in the heaven that you JUST Surrounded your self IN.

The STAFF ……

The staff was humble & kind in every way possible as they would  welcome you into their Home-

It felt Like I was visiting a Family Member then a Actually store ♥.

Holly &  one of the staff members that await us to visit  assist us  in giving us a full tour of the store in how the store was display by Body care, Skin care by Type and alittle travel area with a sweet area by the window of Makeup & perfume.

TIME FLY ……. & What do Green Blogger Do ?

We where at Follian for  a least 2 hours  stopping at each display section trying things on and talking about the product in ever scene of it ( texture, smell, etc.) . We share with each other products that have worked for us & giving  tips of advise   .

Testing Testing … in what We do Best ..

We tested so many different products that we yet love & New ones that we had are Eyes ON. To some surprise many we say NO TOO.  RMS Beauty  in Curious lip/cheek  is a product that me & Ru where curious about but Found are self’s Not Wanting TOO BE PUMPKIN Orange.   IT WAS WAY TO ORGANGE no matter in what sun light or light was put on.

One fun Spot was THE HAND SINK STATION in the shop, where you get to try local hand made liquid soap . For fall scents they had Ginger Tea, Rosemarry & Teak . All the soap felt lovely . A super fun way  to try a liquid  soap.


After testing & rethink what we are going to take home . we all check out with are goodies.

What I GOT……

IMG_1327Although the shop had some amazing line up of product. I went for local PICKS that I knew I could not get any where else .

1. Follian Local Liquid Soaps : these are exclusive only to the store & you can only get them at the Shop . The soaps  change from time to time  by different local creators , which is pretty awesome I think in addition that your supporting a local business owner. Out of the three scents I got TEAK, its a soft fresh scent of crisp Fall AIR.

2. Stewart & Claire Lip Balm : exclusive scent & Design Just for the shop. You can only find this in store and I just had to pick one up as I am a Lip Balm girl. Also Now Ill be taking a little piece of Follian & Boston with me always.

3. Beridan Naturals Chamomile & Grapefruit Butter:  A new brand and one that I been eye out in Etsy for some time now . Love the smell & feel of this product as it just melts into your skin.




We couldn’t leave without taking a group photo  at the shop. Thanks to RU handed camera gear , this lovely photo was taken of us ♥

Photo By : RU shortsweetsmall.net


Strolling in BOSTON …..

After coming out smelling like SPA , we head out to a few local cafe’s that where recommended by Holly a staff member at Follian. In which she gave us a local map and Line out some of stops that we would love  .  First up was CAFE MADELINE a little french cafe that was a sweet tooth dream .

But in stead we hop over to a stroll into UNION PARK that was filled with beautiful trees & brick homes. In which we happen to see the MOST HALLOWEEN HOME with decorations that made us stop & think HOW DID THEY DO IT or HOW DID THEY GET UP THEIR ?!.




After seeing the Halloween house  we head over to are Main stop for the rest of the day called  SOUTH END BUTTERY.  A sweet & warm place to get  a good Tea or local coffee along with some great bake goods. We all grab something warm  & sweet to continue are green chat.

After a great afternoon and Evening we all say : SEE YOU SOON 🙂

AS we all head home  with are brown paper bags of  JOY spelling Follian !


I hope you enjoy this short diary of my trip & the special people that I share it with 🙂

A Special Thank you to : RU, Shirley & Bellina . A big thank you to holly & staff at Follian for a special experiences .


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