First Fall Empties



The Wind is Cold & the Leaves are turning Gold  Fall is Here!

I love Fall its one of my favorite time’s of the year & mostly because I get to eat all things Pumpkin 🙂 . But to start out Fall in my Blog Finally , after enjoying  to much time outdoors  .

In this post I’ll be sharing some of my First Fall Empties .

Let dive right into it !


1. One Love Organics  Facial Heart Sponge in Rose  Clay : as you can see this product got much, much  love during its use . I took this little heart with me every travel trip . Love how it kept my dry spots at bay & does a great job at cleaning out my face without over drying it out  .

2. One Love Organic’s Brand New Day scrub & masque :  This scrub is so smooth on the skin yet so effective in keeping dry spots smooth. LOVE this product very much for its texture that’s soft yet feels like a true scrub. Another product that I told with me in travel in this little sample container  ( In Photo Above) that works great to take with you . So I would just add small amounts in it and leave the full size at home.

3. LeeAnni Revolotion 3 in 1 : This product I really enjoy in the last weeks of summer to the coming of fall as its light yet not so heavy in the face. In addition that its a great travel product as its a toner, serum & moisturizer in one . This product is a very light weight cream that a little goes along way. This  sample size actually last me a whole 3 weeks .

4.Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Finishing Power :  I got this in a Goodebox during the summer and I really enjoy it as it has a very light power texture that just blend in into the skin . It worked great to control my oily T-Zones during the last weeks of summer  and beginning of fall.  It works great for long wear  but I did notice that as the air got cold & dry the power didn’t set well as it set on my dry spots area. One for sure Ill pick up next summer because it worked great.

Bottom Part:

5. Acure Organics Moroccan Argan  stem cell +Argan oil Body wash :  This Travel size  body wash has a great scent of almond . It works great as a body wash as it does not dry your skin & also works great as a makeup brush cleanser or quick face wash. Although I love using it I still like to use better the Pumpkin  body wash or their New Bar soaps .

6.HomespunNorthwest Head-To-Toe Cleansing Bar In Citrus: I just recent got a  sample  of the bar soap form this lovely Etsy  shop from my Goodebox last month ( White Wrap In Photo) . I wanted to love it but  it was not my type of bar soap. It smell great and didn’t leave my skin dry but it didn’t feel good when rubbing the soap in my skin as it felt to rough.  Which I didn’t like at all neither did my sensitive skin. 😦

7. EO Hand Sanitizer in Lavender : I enjoy every time I would spray this in my hand  it smells so relaxing and doesn’t dry my hands at all. The smell is a little strong at the beginning but fades to a soft lavender in a few minutes.    And of course does a great job in taking  out those germs too. Going have to pick up a few of these little guys up when I stop at whole foods again.

8. Tom’s of Maine Botanically Bright Toothpaste : I been trying out new tooth paste to switch up form time to time with my favorite which is by Kiss My Face . This one is for whitening teeth and it worked great and had a good texture that felt good as I brush my teeth. But what I didn’t like is that the mint & feeling of fresh clean teeth fades  very quickly to the point that it felt like I need to re brush my teeth again  . Not good when I spend most of My days talking to people, yekeee . So far I feel just more assure that I just need to sticky with my favorite  lasting tooth paste that never fails me .

9. Preserve Tooth Brush in Soft  & in color  Light Green : This is my all time favorite tooth brush a item that I had in all colors & stock up on . I usually use the medium brush for a my stiff brush but I switch over to soft as I have sensitive gums . I came to find that I still get a nice stiff brush but more gentle  on my gums .  The cool thing is that is made out of recycled yogurt cups , a cool tooth brush ! 🙂


A lot of great products & not so great but enjoy each of them & learn something New Too.




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