Summer Caribbean &Travel Series Recap +Round ups + Good BYE Summer


Summer has come to its End & so Has My Caribbean Summer & Travel Series

This summer was very  busy with traveling & enjoying a lot of new summer products. In addition to meeting up with some of my green friends made this summer so special . Along with my blog becoming 1 year old this pass August. A summer to Be HAPPY !!

I call this Summer the Discovery !!

Before Recapping the  the whole Summer Caribbean Series  I want to first share some of my top Favorites for the whole Summer (photo Above of products).

1.One Love Organic Pretty Pores Toner : I never thought I would love a toner so much as I love this one . Misting my face with Grapefruit is just heavy. My skin stayed balances & love it . I am crossing my fingers that is will come back  next summer.

2. Pacifica Beauty Nail Polish in Blushing Bunnies :  This is one my most used & love colors during the summer . Its a pretty peach Pink color . Its not over bright or to light just the right POP of summer color.

3. Sen Cha Naturals Green Tea Leaf Mints in Mango : All summer long I enjoy a lovely mango mint as a tropical treat. Love these for their taste & to fresh my day to boost up as these have green tea which 3 mints equal 1 cup of Green Tea. Looking forward to getting  these next summer as these are seasonal flavor .

4. Brija Cosmetic Glamor To GO Perk Blush : My every day summer blush was this little gal.  Its a pretty peach pink tone color that looks great but get to use for a effortless look. It looks very natural and just brings out color & brightness to the face.

These are my TOP Favorite products for Summer 2014 form my summer series 🙂


NOW Lets RECAP  The Summer Caribbean & Travel  Series


My summer skin care routine was with the One Love Organics Summer limit Collection 

( photo below)

Love these products & the way they worked together to keep my comb skin in balance but also brighten and of course clean.   To read more about the products in detail & my thoughts just click in the link below .

   Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : Summer Skin Care w/ One Love Organics :



( photo Above)

Summer is all about having fun in the outdoors and enjoying the beach too.  And of course writing about it is even more fun to share and the   Desert Island Tag Created by Hello Dollface is just that a FUN SUMMER write up. To see what are my picks and why I pick them  just click the link below.

Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : Desert Island Tag ;


Summer Can’t be With Out Coconut !!!

(Photo Below)

I have to have coconut products for summer & some of my favorites this summer where form the brand Pacifica Beauty. They are just so tropical & smell so good that makes you want to be at the beach. So check out this coconut crazy post in the link below 🙂

Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : Coconut Crazy With Pacifica:


Summer all you Need is a Ocean + A Drink

(Photo Above)

The Ripeshop at Etsy  is one my favorite discover brands for this summer. I love the very creative scents & flavors of this brand . That are hand crafted by the owner her self. These two little new edition to my bag made it summer complete. To read up more about the brand & the products that I pick just click on the link below 🙂

Summer Carribbean & Travel Series : Ocean + A Cuba Liber is All I Need ! Feature Etsy Ripeshop :



Summer Nails  Makes Happy Toes

(Photo above in Left)

During the beginning of summer  Pacifica Beauty Launch their first Nail Polish collection. A launch that I was very excited about & had to get my hands on these little shells. They go on easy & with a nice finish shine . They are Vegan & free of common toxic found in nail polish. My summer favorite color was Blushing with Bunnies . To read up more in how they work & to see the other colors that I picked up just clink on the link below .

  Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : Sea shell nails with Pacifica :

 Simple Summer Makeup

(Photo Above  In Right)

For makeup in the summer I keep it very light & simple as summer heat calls for melting proof .I used Brija Cosmetics summer collection  Glamour To Go . This was my go TOO products for a everyday Look that was easy & effortless . Love the colors because I can use them for Fall too!  To see & read the full collection just click in the link below .

Summer Caribbean & Travel series : Effortless summer makeup w/ Brija Cosmetics :


Mango LOVE♥

(Photo Above)

I can eat Mango all the time  they just taste so good. And of course I had to include a whole Mango post Too. I love all these products so much so THAT I GET them  ALL YEAR round expected the Mints because they are seasonal flavor . So check Out this Mango post in the below link.

  Summar Carribean & Travel Series : Mango Crazy :



 CANT BE  without SPF

SPF is a must & one should where it all the time & year round to protect ones skin . In this post I share My summer Picks that I use  & that don’t melt off during out weather . I love all of these each for different reason . So check out my summer SPF in the follow link.

Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : SPF Summer Picks to Protect + Care for Skin :




I hope you enjoy my Summer Caribbean & Travel series  . I had some much fun writing it up and putting it together  .  I love all the new discover products  by RipeShop & the New Summer Launch products By Pacifica & One Love Organics  & Brija Cosmetics . The whole selction made my summer fun, smelling good & keeping my skin healthy.

So make sure to go to each link & read more about the brand & products feature is this series .

THank You All for the Support for this Edition.

Let me know in the comments section  what Summer Products where your Favorites for SUMMER  2014 ?







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