Summer Carribbean & Travel Series : Ocean + A Cuba Liber is All I Need ! Feature Etsy Ripeshop


In this Last Summer Caribbean Series & Travel Series I bring  two things that are a Must in my Summers  :  The Ocean & A Nice Cold Cuba Libre .

In this edition I am featuring a New Summer Love Brand that I discover .  Its the lovely Ripe shop Found at Etsy.  Ripeshop is a natural & hand crafted products that brings scents & flavors to a nice twist. The owner & creator  Adrianna bring us taste & scents that we hope that some day some one will make .  Ripe Shop focus on body care, perfumes & lip balms  but she also has been expanding  her shop lately with other body care products .

 Check out this lovely & creative Etsy shop :

Lets Just Say This Shop Made MY Summer Perfect w/ no sunburn & alcohol effects !! .

The two feature products are Oil perfume & Lip balm . Which both make the perfect Summer Comb.



 Lip balm in Cuba Libre



It’s Hot outside and one can use a nice Cold drink !!!!  A cube Libre Please !!!

No worry’s this is Alochol free!!! It safe to put on all day without getting the alcohol effect!! So go right head enjoy a Cuba Libre ALL DAY ALL SUMMER or FALL TOO !

  This lip Balm come in a lip balm tube show Above. It has a simple  yet & effective style to use on the go. Its nice that it comes in a clear tube so you can see how much you have & get another one before your out  .


The Drink  Ingredients :

The ingredient are simple and very few . The lip balm is made out of  Avocado, coconut, jojoba & sweet almond oils, beewax, cocoa & she butter & organic Flavors.

The product is not VEGAN but you can ask the owner to make you one that is too !



Is it a Good drink ??? You sure bet it IS.

This lip balm has a soft texture when apply to the lips  & its is not sticky at all . Once apply you feel how moisture it is to the lips .  This lip balm feels good in the lips that you may find your self apply it more often then expected.

The Favor

The flavor is not strong at all it is more of a faded flavor . You will not taste the flavor as the flavor is more of a scent .  The scent is true to the smell of a Cuba Libre . I got to say that she did a amazing job in getting it . Its a good thing that the scent is not flavor as I my too often find my self licking it off my lips . 🙂 . I am sure you would do the same !!! LOL.

The Perfume Oil Mar AZul


Mar Azul means Blue Ocean in Spanish & this perfume is just that. This is a summer Limited Edition perfume oil .

It reminds my of the beautiful blue Caribbean ocean .  A body of water that just bring calmness & pleasure !

I call it a piece of Ocean right in your Pocket !

The scent of Ocean

The scent is a little strong when smelled right off the bottle but once put on the skin it softens . The scent is just like being out in front of the ocean in a warm yet breeze day. It has a fresh yet beach scent is a good way.


Ocean Ingredients

The Ingredients : Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance,mica, vitamin E

The ingredients are simple as they get in this oil perfume . Something that I love about the creator perfume oils is her simple use of ingredients & scent picks that are very  influences in nature smells.




In the flowing photo above is a swatch of the perfume oil just so you can see that it does not go on blue although it is has a blue color  appears. 🙂 . She created this beautiful blue using Mica to give it this Ocean Color effect which is what makes this perfume oils so Ocean like.



Roll the Ocean ON

Love the packaging of this perfume oil as it come in a rolling  ball.  Making it easy for on the go & put inside your bag for when you need a Ocean Moment .  The roll on works great and takes out the right about that you need to put on.

Lasting Power

This has a nice lasting power of 5-6 hours like a average perfume does. It fades to a nice fresh scent like ocean breeze.


Ocean In a Glass

This perfume oil comes in a glass frost roll on.  Making it look like your seen the ocean through glass . The container is not heavy although its glass, which is great to carry in any day bag.   The perfume oil weights .35 ozs. 




Thoughts on Ripeshop

I love this shop & its one of the shops I discover during the summer.  The owner is very helpful when ask about the products & scents which was kind & love the detail to her customer services . Overall I  am head over heels with the brand & cant wait to pick up some fall products . So stay tune for that. One thing that stand out for me by this brand is the love that goes on each product making & the dream  combination scents of each of her lip balms 7 perfume oils in which she has a big selection. So make sure to check this lovely shop out !

I hope you enjoy your summer I sure Did 🙂




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