Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : Desert Island Tag


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Feature in this edition of Summer Caribbean & Travel Series is A Fun Summer TAG .

The Green Beauty & Wellness Blog By Hello Dollface  created this FUN post & Tag a Few months Back Called :  Desert Island Beauty Products .

Make sure to check out this lovely Green Blogger at :

The main idea and Rules of the Tag :

 Lets say you were strand on a desert island for a while and could only take ONE of Each of your Favorite Products? What would you Take and Why ? – state by

This summer I actually did a lot of travel both for work & fun . And of course when traveling  you are  very limited to what you can take specially in size & weight.  I actually went back home for a few days in which is Island off of Spain . Surround by just ocean & limited access to products or services Pretty Much a Desert Island ! But I Love it !!

So this is actually  is A really Life Desert Island TAG . 

So Here are the actually products that I Took  , lets get started !

Makeup Products



♦  Color  Tint  & SPF Moistturizer :  Coola tinited moisturizer in Rose Essence

why ? I love this product as its is  a 2 products in 1 a face tint & a SPF 20 moisturize at the same time . Easy to apply & great for on the go.

Everyday Minerals  cream conceal  in Sand

why? I like how this is in a stick form which makes it easy to take & put on. I use this to brighten my under eye area to give me that wake up look 🙂 .

Lip/Cheek color :  All Natural Face Lip/Cheek in Everyday Is a Goodday

why? Another 2 product in 1 . I use this for lips/Cheek to get a natural fresh of color . Super easy to apply & touch up during the day. The color is great to  give that peach summer look.

Eyeshadow : Brija Cosmetics  Glamour to go Collection Eyeshadow in Allure

why? This is a great neutral color for a everyday look or to just add some spark to a eye look when going out at night.

Lip Balm: Osmia Organic & Meow Meow Tweet

why? sorry but I just have too Have Two Lip balms  one for the bag  & one on my bed side 🙂 . Love to use Meow Meow Tweet as my everyday go lip balm for their smooth & fun scents . Osmia Organic is my night lip balm that is smooth too & has a relaxing scent Great to wear before bed.

♦Tools: NO Tool Just My Hands 🙂


Hair Care Products


♦ Shampoo :  Meow Meow Tweet Shampoo

why? I love Meow Meow tweet shampoo for is formula & does a great job in washing hair  by leaving it clean . It also leaves your hair smelling good. Love to take it with me when trailing out in the wild  to wash my hands & face . Which makes it a 3 products in 1 I use it for body/hair/ face/hair washing,

♦  Dry Shampoo: One Love Organic Dry Shampoo Power

Why? To keep my hair fresh and smelling good I dust some of this Dry shampoo which has a nice floral scent. works great & gives me that nice beach hair look.  I am  actually so Happy that this item is here to Stay 🙂 .

Body Care Products


♦  Body   Wash :  Acure Organics  Tropical Citrus Argan Oil Castile Soap

why? Love this stuff, I just got it before leaving & it was one of the most used up products. Use it to wash my cloths in the river & to wash my body too. It works great & the scent fit right in the tropical living  .

♦Body Lotion : Acure Organics  Body lotion in Mandarin Organge + Moroccan Argan Stem Cell

why? Love how this lotion is not greasy & leaves me smelling good like orange & mango .  Yes Please!

♦ Deodorant : Meow Meow Tweet  deodorant cream in Lavender

 why? The best of the Best has to come with me & this deodorant is just that as I run around in big green trees and climb to get coconuts my pity’s always stay smelling fresh .

♦ Perfume : Lurk Perfume in PRJV1

why? This lovely perfume of  wood yet floral scent wears lovely even in humidity warm weather. A must for a night out in town.

♦ ALL in ONE purpose product:  Meow Meow tweet Repair Balm

Why? This little balm has so many use for both body & skin. I use it to keep fly  hair away calm, for my dry patch in general & to make a cream eyeshadow with Brija Cosmetics 🙂


Face Care Products


♦Facial Soap: Osmia Organic Luz Enzyme Facial Soap

Why? This lovely  facial soap that helps to clean out the face but also brighten it up . A facial soap full of Sun that’s for sure .

♦Facial Sponge : One Love Organics in Rose Heart

why? I love to use this daily to keep my dry patch areas at bay & also helps oils to sink in better in skin along with doing a great job ins clean out my face.

♦Facial Toner: One Love Organics Pretty Pores  Toning Mist

why? Love to use this after washing my face or to refresh after along day in hot sun.  It has the best grapefruit scent every that i can’t get enough of  & that my face just loves.

♦Facial Oil : Meow Meow Tweet  Face Oil

Why?  This lovely face oil keeps my skin moisturize  & keeps my skin healthy.



I hope you enjoy this fun Tag Post. Thanks to Hello Dollface for creating it .

NOw its your turn !!!!! Tag your It !! 🙂

Happy end of summer




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