Tata Harper Hual & Lip/cheek First Impression Review




Tata Harper

Tata Harper is  A green Beauty Brand that is know for its luxury formulas &  Green-Gold Packing that is fit for any Queen. The mission of the Brand is to “Provide effective anti-aging results without a single drop of synthetic chemicals – Trata Harper “.  It addition to providing a skincare that gives you that SPA experiences and turn your daily skincare routine too a SPA & not just another Daily Task !!

The brand hand crafts & grows most of all their ingredients right in their Vermont Farm .  You can see it all in action in Tata Harper “Behind the brand  Tata World or in their New Launch  OPEN LAB ” right in their website.  Its so amazing to see how everything is prepared and made to its final product something that I love & really stands out to me as I am a farmer My self and take great pride in such beautiful  Hand work.

Tata Harper is Free Of :

1. Synthetics

2. Artificial fragrances


Tata  Harper is Proud to be :

1. Made in Vermont

2. No animal Testing

3. Cruelty Free

4. Made with natural ingredients


For more information  on Tata Harper go to: Tataharperskincare.com


 1st Product in Haul : Tata Harper TRY-ME KIT

IMG_0196 The Try-Me Kit is a great kit to get if you never try the brand before or are not to sure what to get . The kit comes with a 8 piece sample set that comes with Tata Harper basic skin care items . The kit comes all in a  nice & packed in a clear bag as show above :).  The kit cost $11 plus shipping of $5-6 more deepening where you live . Which I think its a great price considering the high price of the  products cost for a full-size. So your getting a great deal !!

This kit is only SOLD & ONLY found at Tata Harper website !!!

Inside the Try-Me Kit :


In the kit you get the Following samples :

1. A booklet with information about the brand and products into the kit with detial information in what each product is use for in terms of skin care. ( Item in bottom right )

2. 1 packet sample of Regenerating Cleanser for 1-2 uses

3. 1 packet sample of Resurfacing Mask  for 1-2 uses

4. 1 packet sample of Rejuvenating Serum for 1-2 uses

5.  1 packet sample of Restorative Eye Creme 1-3 uses

6. 1 packet sample of  Repairative Moisturizer 1-2 uses

7. 1 packet  sample of Rebuilding Moisturizer 1-2 uses

All the sample Packets have Full List of Ingredients in the Back of Each & Instructions in How -TO -Use.

8.  1 duplex sample of Hydrating Flora Essences  3-4 uses ( Comes in a Spray bottle )

9. 1 duplex sample of Replenishing Nutrient Complex  (oil serum)  4-5 uses ( Rolling Ball )

The ingredients are not in the duplex samples but can be found in the booklet .


My thoughts on Try-Me Kit

This kit is just perfect to try most of all the skin care products that Tata Harper has to offer. Also makes a great special luxury gift & a great Travel kit to take with you 🙂 . I feel you get a great value & feel for the brand as a whole.


Tata Harper Lip & Cheek Tint 

 Just  really recently Tata Harper  got more involved in color beauty products by expanding it to Makeup. If you follow Tata Harper in social media you May have seen a few sneak Peeks of this new product.  I for sure was one of the FANS STOCKING  this Launch 🙂

Just like their mission with all their products to bring you  pure ingredients  that work within & out your skin care & wellness. The Lip & Cheek Tint is no different.

It comes in Three colors : Very sweet ,     ,        ,

Cost : $ 35 , 0.15 OZ


Lets take a closer look at VERY SWEET !!!

Note: ALL Photos Taken In Natural Sun Light


 The Lip & Cheek Packaging 

The Lip & cheek comes is this square green box with yellow letting . It looks like a a gift box out of  Tiffany ‘s  with the beautiful details .  The design in yellow along with the letters are actually 3-D .

In one side of the box ( Photo Above) you find  the picture labels of NO Animal Testing , Made in Vermont .

In the other side of the box ( Photo Below) you find  information about what Tata Harper products are FREE FROM : Synthetics, Toxins, Fillers, Artificial Fragrances & Artificial Colors .

In the other side as seen in the (Photo Below) is a sticker of the color & its shade of color with the name  :  VERY SWEET .


Ingredients List of VERY SWEET


In the (Photo Above) is the ingredient List of Very Sweet Lip & Cheek.

That Include :  Coconut fruit extract , Sunflower Seed oil, Castor seed oil,  Beeswax , Sunflower Seed Wax, Green Tea seed Oil, Spanish Lavender Extract,  Natural & Organic Flavors,  Iron Oxides, Mica  are some of the Ingredients list show Above.

Note: This product does have Beewax & One of the Iron oxides has Carmine , which is used to get red colors.  NOT  A VEGAN  PRODUCT .

Thoughts on Ingredients:

Although this product is not Vegan &  But it is natural !! You can’t always Have both sides, RIGHT  , which is something hard in cosmetics products & I completely  under stand .

One thing I love is that its not made with coconut oil, I love coconut oil but If I over used it on my face it will cause it to break out ! 😦 . So I was happy to see this not have that . Also My face loves Tea Tree & lavender oils which is some of the main oils used  that  have great benefit to skin care specially oily or comb skin types.

In terms of ingredients I honestly love  as I find this product great for my Skin Type that’s combo type (oily/dry) .

Lets Take A look Inside The Green BOX


IMG_0129Lets open this Sweet little girl UP !!

As you open it you find this Beautiful gold treasure !!! (Photo Above )  Inside a yellow gold tone box .The top opener  is a beautiful Gold  with imprints of Tata Harper Name & design.

So Lovely ♥


IMG_0130Once out-side the box you  find this Gold & beautiful Green treasure !!! ( Photo Above) 


A Closer LOOK of this Little Gold Girl !!!  Don’t you Just Love her Fashion Style ♥ ( Photo Above)


The Back Side :

The Back Side  has information about the color & size & the Patch Number that it was made . Along with information in how to take care of it ! Which is always very helpful specially with natural products to keep them in longer shelf -life :). It s a nice detail that the sticker labels is the color of the shade .  (Photo Above)

  Inside The Color :  Very Sweet


AS you take of the Gold lid you find Very Sweet Sade Color ♥ ( Photo Above)

On the Container  is a pretty Pink  Peach Tone color with some tiny Tiny shimmers in Gold. It looks such a lovely color that fits to switch too summer & fall makeup Look.

Note: Photos Taken In Natural Sun Light


 A closer LOOK Of Very Sweet

 As you can see in the (Photo Above) Very Sweet is a Pink & Peach Tone Tint .That has some gold Tiny Tiny Shimmers that gives it a highlighter refection  effect .


The texture & feel of product :

The product has a cream texture that is not sticky or too cream light. I would say that it has a perfect texture. Which makes its easy to Blend with fingers or brush . This product will not slip off at all !!! Which I love.

It has a very smooth feel yet light weight feel to it that is some -what silky finish .

The Scent :

It has a berry  light lipstick scent. Its the best way I can state it. It smells similar to Red APPLE LIPSTICKS  Too :).

Swatches of  Very Sweet


Here is a few Swatches of Very Sweet !!!

In which I wanted to show you can go both light & dark on the color. Along with How Pigmented it can be to achieve a  deeper or lighter color.

Starting form Left to Right:

1. Three Layers : A darker peach/Pink

2. Two layers : In between not to light or dark

3. One Layer: Light touch of color

Note: Photos Taken In Natural Sun Light


Starting form Left to Right:

1. Three Layers : A darker peach/Pink

2. Two layers : In between not to light or dark

3. One Layer: Light touch of color

As you can see in the Photo Above  that you can build up the color to a more color shade or to a nice natural color. The color is very easy to build up on both lips & face.

Its looks super natural & gives your face a pretty color & beautiful glow to the cheek bones  that highlights the structure of your cheeks in the most pretty ways possibly.   It will not make your faces look oily or shiny. Just a natural Glow !! For this reason I think this will be a great fall product to keep my face natural summer glow as its something that We/I loose due to cold weather that sucks out my skin oils .

Lasting Power : I used this product for three Days Now while doing yoga, running & traveling . The product stays put and does not melt in your face. The pretty glow that it gives stays on too.

I did notice that it fades just a little bit   around the 5-6 hour mark but I think this is due to constant temperature changes form cool  fall air PA to Hot weather in Caribbean islands to Dry air TX during these 4 day travels. I am still testing it out and will give a FULL DETAIL REVIEW in its lasing POWER & compare the other colors staying Power too as they are in the way.!!!

 What it Looks Like In  MY Bare Skin


O.K Bare with me HERE. I am  the worse person for self Photo !!!! 😦  But I REALLY wanted to show you this product in Bare SKIN.

So just focus on cheek color NOT FACE !!!! AS My skin is going through a tough time NOW with climate change 😦

NOTE: This is my Pure Bare skin with nothing NOTHING ON AT ALL so you can see the product In TRUE COLOR & Action   !!!


I Have VERY SWEET in My Cheeks as ONE Layer & I also have it on my LIPS AS One Layer. I put the product with my fingers , which is the way I like to put cream products on. Special me with been in the GO all the TIME! 🙂


NOTE :  FUN FACT ABOUT ME  I know your going to ASK Me : NO I am not wear Mascara AT ALL !!! JJEJE

My lashes are actually this LONG , they actually Touch the lower part of my brow . I KNOW CRAZY !! which is why I do not wear mascara because its makes them even longer & I don’t like the feeling every time I blink . 🙂

PS : Please don’t hate me for My Long Lashes 🙂

First  OVERALL Impression Thoughts

I love cream blushes &  this one I really Just LOVE !!!

ONE- I love that its does not have Coconut oil, which may face will not break out. In addition that it has Lavender & Tea Tree oil which my skin love & know that wearing this product will also help benefit & care for my skin type.

TWO – The color is so natural & blends & builds Very easy with out been messy its hard to make a mistake with this one 🙂 .

THREE- I love how you can  use this product  in some many ways  as you can use it for Lips & cheeks & even Eyes .

Would I recommend this product YES!!!! Specially for skin types like oily or combination skin!!!Its a product that that is beautiful made  I think & does great things to your skin. So I think for the price Point its worth it all the way!!!.

I love it so much that I order the other two colors

♥BONUS IN Shopping AT Tata Harper SITE ♥


With every order of  Tata Harper website  you get THREE FREE Sample Packets with every order !!!! + with every order of $40 or More you get FREE-SHIPPING !!!!

In My order I got a sample of : Rebuilding Moisturizer, Resurfacing Mask & Refreshing Cleanser !!♥ (Photo Above)

Can’t wait to try theses TOO 🙂



This is My complete Order of Tata Harper  (Photo Above)

So many Lovely Green  goodies!!

I hope you enjoy this post & sorry for it been so long but want to be as detail as possible in every way so you can all see the details of this brand & its NEW PRODUCTS! I hope you enjoy the Many photos . I hope this post WAS Very helpful in looking Inside TATA HARPER !

I personally love this brand & their mission & Passion for farming ♥

Let me know in the comment section Below what you Think of this brand & the New Lip & Cheek products ??? Would LOVE to Hear your thoughts!

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