Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : Summer Skin Care w/ One Love Organics


IMG_0727For the this part of Summer Caribbean & Travel Series I am talking about My Summer Skin Care Routine. The following products are by the brand One Love Organics . This collection of products has help to keep my face bright & oil control through out the summer.  Some thing that I been really Loving this Year >

The Brand One Love Organic

One Love Organics is a natural skincare & body care brand. That focus on simple ingredients and believe that less is More . In addition to focusing & bring us the idea that skin care should be simple .

The brand is Natural, Organic  & cruelty-Free.

To find more Information about the brand & its products go to:

Lets Take a Look Inside My summer Routine Filled with Much ♥




One Love Organic Apple A Day Brightening Facial Cleanser

(Limit Edition  Summer Product )

This facial  foam wash  balances PH, Brighten & Tone . It is a light foam facial wash that smells like fresh Apples .

Ingredients:  Aloe juice, water, apple fruit extract,apple oil,  cocoyl apple amino acids, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, malic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid & citric acid are some of the ingredients.

IMG_0233How It Works:

 Just pump 1-2 times in your hand  & massage onto your face . Then just rinse off with warm water.  ( Photo above shows how it looks when its pump out )

This has a TEXTURE that is  very light & SMELLS like fresh apples. Its gentle on your face & does a great job in leaving your face clean & fresh. I use it right after I remove my makeup with coconut oil .

I find that is works great and has help to improve my face in looking less dull & more bright.  I love the smell of fresh Apples ♥.


One Love Organics  The Cleansing Sponge in Rose Heart

( Dry & Sensitive Skin)

This Konjac Sponge in French Pink Clay is for sensitive & dry skin types. Its super-soft & helps to buff off any dry patch areas to give a you a smooth skin.   This sponge comes in heart & round shapes. It also comes in Charcoal, Plain & French Pink clay. Each sponge is created for different skin types.

Ingredient:  100% Konjac-Mannan Plant Fibers


How It Works:

 Place the sponge in warm running water until it softens & expands to double its size. The apply any cleanser of choice & gently massage the skin in circular motion. After finish to use just rinse out the sponge & hang it to dry. ( Phot0 above shows the Sponge Dry & when wet its a BIG pretty Pink Heart).

 It has a smooth TEXTURE & It has NO SCENT other then Looking SUPER CUTE PINK .I really have been enjoying washing my face with this heart sponge as it feels like your giving your face some LOVE♥. I Love how easy it works in removing dry patch areas & helps my makeup go on flawless with not dry areas . This sponge really does make a differences .


One Love Organics  Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque

     This is one of my all time Favorite products by this brand ! Its a scrub & Masque in one product. A great multitask product.

Ingredients : Organic Zea mays corn starch, sweet pea flour, sodium cocoyl glyconate, organic pineapple  fruit extract, natural & organic fragrances are some of the ingredient in the list.


How it Works:

Use 1/2 tsps of Brand New Day & add a few drops of water to form a liquid paste. Massage it to damp face using circular motion. Them remove with warm water. ( Photo above is what the scrub looks like. I keep it in a small clap shell to take it with me on the go )

I use this scrub three time during the week & it works great to remove any rough dry spots , which helps my makeup to go on flawless but also helps my face oils to sink in better into the skin.  I actually prefer to use this product  as a scrub due to its gentle formals & fine gains  that that make is a smooth scrub to use more then once .

It has a smooth yet gain texture & had a scent of soft pineapple floral . Its just divine ♥


One Love Organics Pretty Pores Complexion Toning Mist

( Limit Edition Summer Product)

 This refreshing toner provides the skin with  Vitamin C & antioxidant to the skin to give it a healthy summer glow with the help of grapefruit.

Ingredients: Organic grapefruit water, gluconolactone & sodium benzoate

How It Works:

   After cleaning you face  just simple spray on & reapply if needed too.

The SMELL of this is just amazing & yet so refreshing & awaking !!  I love to use it during the mid day to wake me up & in the morning to just set my makeup. It goes on light and the scent fades away a few seconds later. This is one of the items that I been carrying with me every where.  It works great and smells SO GOOD !

Over Thoughts on My Summer Skin Care Routine


I LOVE this summer skin care routine so much that I am hoping & crossing fingers that One Love Organics Brings it Back next Summer ( Toner & Facial Foam wash)  . I LOVE how each product worked together to give me that final healthy & glow skin. I love how gentle each product was with out over drying me out  But also kept my Acne skin at bay. Although I would get one pimple her and their but it wasn’t like a completely break out as before . It also help to really bright my skin after last years tough winter weather that cause me really bad dryness.

I enjoy every product and felt like my skin was getting really some LOVE & Care!!

I hope you enjoy this post & are enjoying the last bliss of SUMMER 🙂

Tell me in the comment below what you been using this summer to keep your face glowing ??? would LOve to hear.

Note All products where bought by me & always give honest Reviews .


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