August & July Empties


It’s been a while since I wrote a Empties Post . I been using a lot of my products and getting the most out of them . This empties has both beauty and body care products . This empties is actually products that I used up while visiting my mom in which I have a separate stash of products there to keep my traveling light .

let’s take a look at what I finish up !

1. Everyday Minerals It base powder

This is a brand that is not much talk about or hear much in the green community . But this was the first brand I used since wearing makeup . I love the It base foundation powder for been medium coverage and not leaving a powder look finish. It also does not cake during a long day . A little sure does go a long way too. It took me like 4-5 months just to finish this one but enjoy every dust of it :).

2. Josie Maran Nail Polish Remover Wipes

I used many nail polish remover wipes and I always jump back to this one. It cleans ten toes or fingers with just one wipe. Also it treats your hand or toes as it removes nail polish as it has Argan oil . It helps my dry finger nails to not look over dry and give it a nice healthy shine finish after removing each nail polish. It has a nice citrus scent to it that is very soft.

3. Tom’s Tooth Paste

I was happy to be able to try this and compare it to others that I’ve used . This tooth paste has the same texture as a regularly toothpaste but with better ingredients . Like the texture but I prefer to have a more fresh scent that last a while after brushing. This one did not do that! It clean my teeth we’ll and felt clean but that was about it. After 2 or 3 hours after brushing I felt a melt type taste in my mouth . So I will not be re buying  this one .

4. BentaBerry G-1 Exfoliating facial Cleanser

This is a sample size product that I had got in a subscription box that I can’t remember from. I got to try the product in which is made at France . Its  has  natural  Ingredients and a small list of ingredients too. The exfoliating of this product is actual apricot seeds and has jasmine and mandarin which gives it a  soft citrus/flower  scent . Although I felt it was too liquid in texture . But liked how soft it was for my skin and didn’t dry it out.

5.  Pure Natural Diva Botanicals Clean Organic  Body & Hand wash in Scent Pure

This is a sample that I had got in One of my Goodebox subscription a few months back. I took this with me when I went to visit my mom.  This one is Pure which has a scent of Cassie, Lavender, chamomile, lemon,lime,& Egyptian Neroli, which is the strongest scent that stand out . Its hard to state the scent but to me it smells like ginger with lime .  I really enjoy this but found the scent to be too strong for me as it would some times trigger my allergies 😦 .

6. Level Naturals bar soap in Eucalyptus Lime

This bar soap is one of my favorites scents, its so relaxing and great to us after along day . Its so up lifting the scent that I would just want to spend extra time in the shower just enjoying the scent of this. It’s calming and great to us when you have a cold as it really just opens you to breath better.  Love this Bar soap !!! I always keep in stock for when the weather changes which is my allergies trigger season this bar helps me get through those days. 🙂



  These are May Empties for August  & July

I have not use up to much since I been traveling and I actually have a stash of product in my MOM home so I don’t have to be carrying so much with me 🙂  These where some of the product that I used up in that stash actually .  In which Now I have to refill up with new product !!! 🙂  I hope you enjoy this post.

Have a Happy September Everyone


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