Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : Coconut Crazy With Pacifica




Coconut Crazy With Pacifica !

For this part of the Summer Caribbean & Travel Series I am presenting My Coconut picks by the brand Pacifica that I been loving this summer. I love coconut for it scent & nutrition benefits to both skin & healthy.


Pacifica is brand that focus on Body & Beauty products . The brand is know for their  Tropical & Caribbean scents that take any one to the Paradise Islands. Also the Brands is 100 % Vegan, use natural Ingredients & is cruelty -Free . It is also a brand that its products are made without Sulfate & Paraban.  The best part of Pacifica is that its a brand that  can be  found at your Local Target or Wholefoods . Which means you get to test & try many of theses products before buying.

To get more information about the Brand & its products go to:

Now Lets Take a look at the Products & go coconut Crazy !!


Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Perfume ROll-On

This travel roll on perfume is a great size to take with you any where you go .  It came in this beautifully box with a Indian flower  design (  seen in the above Photo)  . Love the packaging of this perfume.  The perfume is in a glass tube with red flower design going around tube ( seen in the below  photo) & with a gold Top.


The Scent: The scent of the perfume is strong in the roll-on but once you put it on it fades to a nice sweet coconut smell. The notes or scents are coconut with a Indian flare spice. It has more of a sweet scent then a tropical scent. The lasting power of this is at least 4 hours  after that you will need to reapply just like any other perfume which fades after a few hours.

The Ingredients :  Alcohol denat ( natural grain), Parfume ( pacifica own fragrance blend with natural & essential oils, water.

Although the ingredients may not be the greenest I consider it to be a much better pick compared to most perfume out there that have a longer list of ingredients & contain ingredients that can be very harsh to your skin.   Also I think for the price of $14 its a great buy.

Earth Notes: Portion of proceeds support clean water.

IMG_0200.JPGPacifica Indian Coconut Nectar hand Cream

This hand cream is another great travel item and size hand cream. It has the same scent of the perfume mention Above but with a much more softer scent then the perfume.  It comes in a Indian  flower pattern with golds, reds & light blue.  Again the packaging is beautiful and  sure to call the attention of many peoples eyes when you pull it out your hand bag.


Texture of Hand Cream:

The hand cream has a light texture that is not sticky or oily when rub to the hands. It sinks right in the skin leaving your hand silk soft but not slippery . The scent fades once you rub your hands together and smooth the cream into your skin. Really like the way it feels in may hands and how it has a nice light scent .

Ingredients : water,sunflower oil, aloe leaf juice, shea butter,sweet almond,  olive fruit oil, grape seed oil,coconut water, Pacifica natural fragrances & essential oils, are some of the ingredients in the list. To get the full list go to

This hand cream has good ingredients but of course you can find better ones that have more pure ingredients . This hand cream is great  because its light while other trendy to be very heavy in the skin and I personal don’t like that Feeling.

Earth Note: Portion of proceeds support clean water



Pacifica Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes

I really been loving these for my out door events like doing yoga & running . They are great to have in your bag when working out or just to have to wipe your hands or your face to refreshing up after a beach day .  I love to use these too when I am playing with makeup .

The scent: 

The wipes  have a tropical coconut smell that is not over powering . The scent does fade once you finish wiping your face . The scent does not stay in your skin instead is more of a refreshing scent that fades quickly .


 The wipe size & function  :

The wipe as you can see in the photo above it has more in length then it does in how wide it it. Which for some people this make not be the best size to use to wipe off makeup. But since I use it to wipe off my Yoga Mat or to refresh my face after a morning run   or yoga class the size works great for these functions.

Although I personally do NOT recommend them to be use as Makeup Remover Wipes. First the wipe is too soft and has no grip in doing the function  to remove makeup. Also these wipes have Fragrances which its not good if you have sensitive skin  or eyes . So keep this in Mind. But they are great to be use to wipe you hands, Yoga mat or gear or to wipe off some green juice that you just happen to drop in your jacket. 🙂 ( this is me everyday !! 🙂 )

You get 30 wipes for $6 to 7 depending where you get them ! I find they are a great price & smell great.



Ingredients :

No sulfate & No Paraban !!! Water, coconut water,aloe leaf extract,papaya fruit extract, calandula extract, citric acid, phenoxyethoal,potassiun sorbate, fragances(all natural).

Although these are not the best wipes in terms of ingredients , I think is still better then what one finds out their or compared to other products in the market.  I love the scent of coconut that it has and also like how soft they are. As mention above I only use these for my active lifestyle and they work just great for that. 🙂



I hope you enjoy this post and all my coconut picks by Pacifica. Love coconut scent to always take me away to a tropical island 🙂

(All products mention here bought with my own money and my review are always  honest . Also keep in mind that what works for me my not work for you. So make sure to check all ingredients to see if it fits your needs & skin type. )


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