Secret Green Santa SIGN UP 2014


Secret GREEN Santa 2014

It’s the Official Secret Green Santa Sign Up for 2014.


Secret  Green Santa Rules:

• Signups for Secret Green Santa will begin August 19  and end in September 30 2014 . You have a One Month window opening to sign up.

•  Signing up by PRIVATE E-Mail me your personal information (Name, E-mail and State) no later then September 30 2014. Your Secret Santa will be assigned to you on that First week of October  .

• If you have any Allergies or Avoid specific Ingredients please make sure to let me  know so I can inform your Secret Santa.

• Important to also  Include in the E-Mail  YOUR SKIN TYPE ! So your Santa can give you products that fit your skin ! Specially skin care products from brands that are in your wish list .

WISH LIST: You can make a wish list of FIVE Brands that you been wanting to try. Please e-mail me this list by September 30th. This will be e-mail to your Secrete Green Santa. ( Just keep in mind that this is to help Santa)
• Gifts must be sent out between December 1, 2014 and December 16, 2014. This gives members approximately a two month window to shop or place an order.

• Shipping priority is not mandatory but for most it may be the best option since it includes a tracking #. If you use Paypal to ship there are 1st class options that may be less expensive and will typically include free tracking.

• A tracking # is not mandatory when mailing within the US to another US address however it is highly recommended for your own records .A tracking # will have to be provided to your gift recipient so they can tack their package.

Total gift value should be approximately $35,  not including shipping of package.

Item(s) must be NEW and Never used, Swatched or opened.

Products selection: Please keep product selection to Beauty & Body care products & green lifestyle items .  Food products can be put only if your Santa wishes to get a specific item of food or treat. ( Many people have allergies to food so we want to keep everyone safe & happy ).

Open to  US Residents & International Countries

• Once you sign up please do not back out as it will cause problems with the assignment list. Only sign up if you really will take part and follow the rules.



Additional General rules:

Green products Only:

The products should only be green products that contain no chemicals such as Parabens, silicone, SLS, SLES, Mineral oils, Petroleum, Phthalates, BHA, BHT,& etc. To find a list of Toxin ingredients to avoid please go here for references :

• Choosing your Santa:

I will be selecting each person form my Mason Jar’s which will be labeled , East, West, Central, South coast area . Each person name will be put in a fold paper and open only when time to pick pairs.

• Sending information to your Santa:

Once people are pair Each Person will get a personal e-mail By Me to let you know your Santa along with the person  SKIN TYPE & WISHLIST of brands  & Avoid of ingredients that your Santa may Have. The only information that I will share with your Santa is your e-mail address so they can be able to contact you to send you your gift and Tracking #.



To sign up email me at

Also don’t forget to send your  SKIN TYPE, Wish List & Allergies of ingredients to me to pass them over to your Santa by September 30.

For addition comments or questions just Comment below or Email me  🙂





2 thoughts on “Secret Green Santa SIGN UP 2014

  1. Thanks for organizing! I just sent you an email…would it also be helpful for people to note also note their skin type?? I’d hate to send someone something that was totally incompatible for their skin type. Just a thought 🙂

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