Goodebox August 2014




Its that time again guys for a Goodebox & this month is SUPER extra special box .  WHY ? well it because if you have not hear yet about A Night OF Green Beauty Event that is happens once a Year. Pretty much Green companies get together to host a event in one place for one evening where you get to meet brands and people alike that Just love green BEAUTY.  This year the event took place in LA.

And Goodebox is actually one of the supporting company’s to organize this awesome event.  For members of this subscription is a big treat as we get sent products form the brands that took part on this Green beauty night.  THIS MONTH BOX is about A night of Green Beauty .

For this month their was at least 10 different selection box’s that you could get base off your profile .

Basic Information on subscription service:

Goodebox is a green beauty & lifestyle box that send you 5 to 7 products a month for $18. The products range from samples to full size.  The selection of products for each month are base off your profile fill out form. which means that  8 to 10 products are chosen for that month but you only get the ones that fit your profile.

 For more information go to :


LETS take a look whats inside !!


IMG_0013.JPGTop to Bottom on photo:

1. One love organic Gardenia body oil  ( sample)

This is product is part of  One Love Organic summer collection. The body oil texture is amazing and sinks right into the skin, I actually had a chance to try it before getting this in my box . The smell is great and not over powering . But ME & GARDEINA don’t do good  neither do we  match as  the Gardeina scent , ANY GARDEINA scent  actually triggers my HEADACHES & allergies really bad  😦 .  So I am actually  will safe  this little guy for a good friend  🙂 . The product is really beautiful !!!,  for this its a shame that I can’t LOVE it 😦 .  But if you LOVE flower scents YOU NEED to GET THIS .

2. Zoe Organics Refresh Oil ( full size )

When I seen this I was so happy as it will be a add on to my green first aid kit. This little guy is a power house. Its a aromatherapy oil that helps with motion sickness, stoamch issues like upset feeling, anxious emotions . I am sure going to keep this one close by me. IT also smells great and sinks very well into the skin.

3.  Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser (sample)

This is my first product for this brand and have heard much great things for it. So I am glad to be able to have this and try it . I will be taking it with me on my up coming trip. I love the sweet fresh smell that it has .



From Bottom to Top:

4 & 5 . Josh Rosebrook Shampoo & Conditioner (travel sample size)

This hair care brand is one that is much talked & love among the green community. So I am excited to try this to see how it works in my lion hair . It has a scent of citrus which I really like 🙂 . I’ll report back and let you know how it work for me .

6. Gressakin Dirty Pretty Things mask

This is another brand that gets a lot of love  and great reviews on their skin care. So I am excited to try this too 🙂 It smells amazing and the ingredient of this  so pure .  So stay tune for a Mask off Talk.

Other Brands in the list that did not get include in the my box was  : Juice Beauty, La Bella Figura, Osmia organic, Kahina Giving , Alima Pure, & a few others. The list of brands for this month where brands that greens bees be lusting over :).

Finals thoughts on this month box:

I love this box so much the products in them and the selection picks for me where right up my path. Love how they include aromatherapy products, which is a big part of my life & product picks. I love everything and all the awesome brand that I be lusting over that Now I get to try. Also love how we as members get to take & be part of this amazing one year event.

I hope you enjoy this Goodebox time ! until next month.

Note: I pay for this subscription services myself and review is always my own & honest thoughts too.

4 thoughts on “Goodebox August 2014

    • This month was amazing :). I think many thought the same but Goodebox did sale this special edition box to non members a week after or so after I got mys 🙂 . which was super nice of them. Just keep this in mind for next year 🙂

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