My Basic Green First Aid Kit

20140812-071035-25835067.jpg       My Green First Aid Kit

In are daily Life’s  something always Happens ! From getting a paper cut to get getting a bug bite while standing at the Train station. To getting a headache by starring at the computer screen or  Going out to Eat some spicy food with friends that end up to a bad stomach !

Yupe, this is life in the real world!

It’s moments like these ,  is that I am thankful for carrying my green First Aid Kit 🙂 Lets take a closer look as this little life SAVER.

20140812-071035-25835521.jpgItems inside the First Aid Kit :

1. The Bag by Seapinks

TheBee bag is by a lovely Etsy shop  called  Seapinks.  The bag is hand made by the lovely owner and each piece is a limited Edition . This bag is a size of a coin purse which is great to carry in any giving bag without taking much of any space at all or adding addition weight that I carry already. It keeps every thing in one place in the best cute way possible !!

Found at:

2.Bandages by Hello Kitty

Don’t judge me but if you have a Boo-boo mind as well make it look cute , Right 🙂 . At the moment I have these blue design hello Kitty bandages that help to keep those Boo-boos cover and protected by any giving bacterial with Meow Meow Tweet relief balm does its work. I switch my bandages from  time to time  with mickey mouse to plain regular one to star design. Your always find a fun style in this bag. 🙂

3.Relief Balm By Meow Meow Tweet

This is a life saver in so many ways. This is Meow Meow Tweets new balm that I feel was created to help heal & make you feel better in those moments that one feel like under the weather . I use this  to relief my headaches &I just rub it on my temples. Also its great to help heal any Boo-boos like paper cuts, small cuts, & bug bites. It also can be used to help with cold congestion, joint rubs and sore muscle. I use it to rub on the bottom of my feet for those days that I have sore feet from been on them so long. I also  rub this on my nose when it gets sore from my allergies.

This little guy is a big Helper in so many ways !

4. Repair balm by Meow Meow Tweet

Due to constant  changing from  air conditioner to hot outside air. It cause my skin to get dry stops and this is where Meow meow tweet  repair balm comes to play. This balm helps heal dry, cracked & chapped skin. Love to use it on my feet  special when I have to change form sneakers to heels to smooth any dryness in my feet.  I love this for my hands too as after tossing paper & more papers my hand become very dry.  Its great to relief my chap lips  or  I just rub on my hand and smooth my  hair fly always through the day . So this little guy is always in my pocket all times. Also its keeps me for getting those papers cuts .

  Both balms found  at :

5. Healing Tea

I always have a variety of TEA in my Kit , specially mint or peppermint. AS both of these teas are great to help relief most common stomach issues like , gas pain, stomach sores or digestions issues . Also I drink them before any giving meal to help my stomach with those tough spicy food that I love or to avoid any stomach issue that a food my cause me. Or simply to just refreshing up in the middle of the day.

In this kit I have  Traditional Medicinal herbal tea in Organic Peppermint & Tazo Refresh-Mint .Both are caffeine -Free.  These I always have in hand as you may never know when your stomach needs a little help.


These are all the items in my Green First Aid Kit . These are the basic things that I carry for  solving my everyday  healing basic such as  cuts, headache, body sores, chapped or over dry skin area , bug bites, and  basic relief for stomach issues  . In addition to this , I also carry a hand sanitizer  and  travel wipes  for those spill moments 🙂

NOTE : All products mention are natural and Vegan .

I hope the item here where helpful in starting your own Green First Aid kit or to add to the one you have :).

Thank you

DO you carry a basic First Aid kit with you ? Please share would love to hear whats in your first aide kit.


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