Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : Sea shell nails with Pacifica



Sea Shell Nails  with Pacifica

In this continue series  of  Summer Caribbean & Travel Series I bring you NAIL POLISH !

In mid-spring to beginning of Summer Pacifica Launch their first nail polish Collection. The collection contain so far  28 colors ranging for different shades of blues, greens, purple,pinks, and many more. In addition the collection also contain a Clear top coat & a Matte top coat to give your nails a Matte or shine look.


Addition Information

The nail polish are free ofParabens, Phthalates (dibutyl phthalate), Toluene, Xylene, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Resin & animals.

In addition are 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free & Made in USA.

The cost for each nail polish is $9 each for 13.3 ml bottle  & are only found at

Texture & Function :

I Be Honesty Green Bees I am not a Nail Polish Girl At ALL. So when I pick these in base of the color that I seen in the site and what called my addition that they where free form common chemicals & cruelty-free .

The texture of these is a little more water compared to other natural nail polish that have a thicker texture but work just as great it just takes some time to get use too.

Its function & lasting power is great , I work a lot with my hands . And these did not chip until the four day and I did not wear a clear top coat to make them stay longer. So If I did wear the clear coat it would have lasted a whole week or more 🙂 .

Lets take a color look at my summer color Picks !!



Blush-Bunnies  : (Photo Above W/ Two-Coat )

Blush Bunnies is a pretty Pink-Coral color that looks like a pretty Blush in your nails. A great color for all year rounds as it is not to light or too bright.  I call this my natural  pop of Pink .


Unicorn Horns ( Photo above w/ Two- Coats)

This nail polish is a pretty color that looks just like the inside of a shell with that clear yet rainbow reflection when reflected by the sun. A great color for those simple summer days .


Crystal Orchid : (Photo above w/ One- Coat) 

A lovely pastel-bright purple that speaks spring yet state summer . The color of the year ! And I think this is a wearable everyday purple without been to popping of a color.


Dark Desert Highway : (Photo above  w/ One-Coat)

A beautiful  Chic- natural nude brown that has a warm tone to it. This is such a great everyday color to wear all year round . One of my favorites to wear to work 🙂 .



Totally Coral : (Photo above W/ One-Coat )

A true coral color with more pink tones then orange color. Such a pretty summer color to wear right NOW. Love to wear this when I am out about in the Broad-Walk.


All the color in each nail, YES I was having a little FUN playing with these . Starting with Left side & end on the right  ( Totally coral , Dark desert highway , Unicorn horn, Blushing bunnies, Crystal orchid ).


 Sea Shell Nails with Pacifica  was so much to play with each color and make color combination with them. Each color is very pretty and LoVE as they are wearable colors  for both work & everyday wear with out been in your face colors. YOu know what I mean 🙂 .


SEA Shells from this post is a collection of some of the beaches I been too around the world including from my Home 🙂 They are my memories treasure .

I hope you enjoy this post and all the SEA Shells  Until next post keep enjoying those WAVES !

What is your favorite nail polish  color for SUMMER ?

Note: Items where bought with my own money and all review are honest 🙂


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