SPONGE TALK ! :Meet EcoTools Sponge


The Sponge Crazies took  US by storm this year, with sponge popping every where . It literally Rain Sponge !

EcoTools in spring of  this Year (2014)  jump in the train of Sponges by  bring out their  very own  : The EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge .

EcoTools Launch Two Sponges a  : Bamboo Charcoal for Combination skin/ Deeper cleansing  &   Regular One for sensitive skin ( white Sponge). Both sponge are made out of 100% Natural ingredients and Made with vegetable Fibers.

The Sponge in (photo) below and will be discussing in this post is the Bamboo Charcoal for Combination Skin.


EcoTools Sponge TALK :

Green Note : The sponge Package comes in a  recycled paper that can be recyclable.

Cost Note: This sponge is the cheapest in price compared to many out their as this one ranges to $6 or $7.  You could even get it cheaper with coupon codes or specials  form ultra.com  or you can also find it at ecotools.com


EcoTools Sponge  Job  : Exfoliate & clarify

It’s duty is to  clean better the face by removing impurities and leaving the skin with a smooth & refresh face.

My thoughts :  I used this sponge for  3  whole months . When I first use it it left my face with a super clean and smooth face. My face felt clean but not over dry.  But I did notice that about the 2 1/2 month mark it felt like it was not clean my face as well as it did the first two months. Also the sponge felt like it was loose its texture as the sponge became more softer.


Ecotools Sponge  Job : Its function with  Favorite Facial Cleanser

You can add your favorite facial cleanser and add water.

My thoughts :  During the 3 months I use three facial cleanser  liquid gel , bar soap & cream  cleaner to test which one would work best with this sponge .

(1) Acure Organic facial cleanser  in super-fruit + chlorella growth factor  ( Liquid Gel)

With this gel cleanser  + sponge  both combine worked great to clean out my face and leave me with a smooth touch. Using  both of these was  great as it   created a nice foam base as I circle the sponge around my face. It did the job to clean my face well enough to not use a toner after washing since it left it refresh. ( Combination use for One month)

(2) Pomega5 Green Tea Facial bar soap ( Bar soap)

The sponge + this Bar soap was my most favorite way to use the sponge. I find  that this  combination of both go  hand & hand together, its like the perfect pair. I would just wet both sponge & soap and start rubbing the soap to the sponge to get a nice foam. I feel that the soap created more of a foam then  any of the other products that I use. It gave my face a clean and refresh face  with out been dry . ( Combination use for One month)

(3) Meow Meow Tweet Cream  Face Cleanser ( Cream Cleanser)

The sponge + this cream Cleanser work great together to give your face a smooth clean finish. I find that when using the cream cleanser it help more to relief any dry patch areas that I have . My face looked less dry and more smooth . I find this two Together make a great pair  for the up coming FAll & Winter weather.( Combination use for One month)


Over all thought on its Texture

The texture of this sponge  soft when its wet ( Photo above wet sponge) . It does not have a hard texture and its gentle enough to use it daily or to use it twice a day. It will not over dry your face or leave it with tight  feeling. It just feels smooth into the face while rubbing it in circle motion.

I would Recommend this sponge for some one with combination skin or  a person that falls between dry& regular skin type.

How My Acne Pore Skin Benefit during Use :

Now this is where I get Real, I have very prone ANCE skin + very sensitive. Not a good combo to have belive me ! The only thing that I hope for is that it didn’t make my issue or skin worst :(, crossing fingers the whole time.

But to my conclusion it was the one  tool that help to improve my skin dry patches and  keep my Acne at bay. I did notice that I got less Acne during my time of months while using this . And when I stop using the sponge My Acne flare up a little more. So I notice that the Sponge was actually helping my Acne to keep in control along with my Cleanser .



Final Sponge TALK OVERALL :

NOte: This is the first sponge that I used and I have not used any other to compare it in regards to price, texture & function.

To be my first sponge and use of one , I think its a great investment to get a deep gentle clean face. Also I feel this does a great job to deep clean pores and to help with acne showing up. AS I did notice that I got less Ance during the time of the month while using this sponge. Over all, I felt in love with it and the price point is great specially if you have to change it every 2 to 3 months.

Thank You and hope you enjoy this sponge talk. Stay tune for the next Sponge Talk with One LOve Organic heart Sponge!!!

(Product was bought  with my own money & review as honest )


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