My Empties : July 2014


It’s a Empties post !

As I mention before in my last empties post , it take me a while to use up products. I guess I like to make them last šŸ™‚ .This is a exciting empties as a lot of the products are NEW to me & been in my wish list (Trata Harper) & some all time Favorite brands with New scents never tried (Acure Organics, S.W Basic & Level Naturals) .

So let’s get right into it :

1. S.W BasicĀ  Organic lip balm in cocoa Butter

I was so sad šŸ˜¦ WHEN THIS PRODUCT FINISHED . Its been my go-to lip balm for a while and have enjoy its smooth cream texture that left my lips soft and dry -free. Although thisĀ  actually last me a few good months with the every day use that it go.Ā  I will be picking one of these little guys very soon again or maybe a few ;).

2.Acure Organic Facial cleanser in super fruit + Chlorella growth factor

I got a sample ofĀ  this at my local whole food store that they where giving out . And was excited to try this one as I always use the unscented one for sensitive skin.Ā  And On my I just felt in LOVE with its scent of fresh grapefruit that it hasĀ  . Its perfect for summer & does not over dry your face and its cleans it very well. The sample gave me two to three days of use . This for sure is going into my list of favorite cleansers .

3. Trata Harper RegeneratingĀ  Cleanser

Trata Harper is a high end Skincare & Body line . A brand that is a big favorite among green & non-green bloggers. It been in my wish list for the longest to try out some of their products. And in a trip to NYC I stop by a Sepora in which they happen to have a small selection of products to see & test. Of course A nice sale person ask me If I wanted to take home a sample to try. I Say YES PLEASE ! LOLĀ  I got a sample to use for three days & one thing that stand out from me in this line is its natural floral scent ! Its like your literately` feel like your putting a garden in your face :), In the best way possible. Also it does what its states- its hype is True ! Now I will be picking some items form this brand.

4. Level Naturals Forest Soap

I featured this product on my spring edition series . A brand that brings you scents that you never thought to put togetherĀ  . Forest soap smell just like been out in a Caribbean Rain forest. Its one of my go -toĀ  products to use between spring & summer as it just brings me into that season mood as it changes to cool winds to hot-sticky nights .

5. PHresh deodorant in Sugar Mint

This is actually a new brand for meĀ  & I got this in one of my GoodeBox a few months back. I finally got to use it and enjoy it’s long staying power scent . And it kept my pits sticky free! One down fall I notice form this product that it’s hard to wash off . I literally had to rub hard to remove it every time I shower :). But it works great to keep my pits fresh during my daily routine that starts 4am end 6pm .

That’s it for July Empties !

I hope you enjoy this post and that you are enjoying a great summer.


2 thoughts on “My Empties : July 2014

    • I can’t say to much in how it works per-say ( only use 3 times with sample) but I love the natural floral scent that it has and it left my face soft. I do feel this is more of a winter product for me due too the moisture that it gives to the skin. šŸ™‚

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