Goodebox July 2014



It’s that time  again for A Goodebox !!!!

 July Theme : ”  Feature Rachel Sarnoff   from as the Guest Curator for the July Goodebox.  The products in this box were selected by Rahel ”.

Note: Its been a long time since a Guest Curator was feature in the Goodebox, which is exciting 🙂 .

Basic Info of Goodebox

Goodebox is a Eco-friendly subscription service that focus in providing green product  to try. The products range from beauty, health, lifestyle items .This is a monthly sign up subscription services.The product size are either full size ,deluxe or server small  packet sample’s.The cost of the monthly subscription is $18 . In addition you can find product detail information , offers and green beauty tips.

For more information on the subscription and blog  go to

Note Goodebox Upodated Its Profile Form :

The Goodebox are a little different as  we had to fill out a 5-6 page profile update form so the box’s could be  more create  individual for you.  The JUNE box is the first box that reflects the NEW Profile Form & JULY (this month) is the Second Box with the new update.   This means that not everyone is going to have the same product as each  person box  varies basic on this profile . Beacuse of this Goodebox will have a bigger list of products available.


  Lets see whats In this Box :


20140720-164347-60227166.jpgThe follow products  in my box are picks base on the new profile that I filled out last month:

1. SoftCup ( Top Left-side)

( Full size 14ct for $7.99 to $9.99 ,  Got Sample Packet of  2ct )

According to the Info card Softcup is  a alternative to tampons that you can wear for Up-to 12 hours.  You can do sports, swimming, sleep and all other regular activity without worrying about a mess .  The product is Vegan & includes step by step photo & writing information in how to us it.

I’ll keep these by for feature travel trips out in the mountains or some big adventure of mys. I honest  don’t feel comfortable using this  Yet 😦  Neither is it my preferences but will keep it as I mention above for a trip . Did find it very intersecting in seen the green ways for feminine care.

2. La fresh Nail Polish Remover Pads  ( Middle Left-side  )

( Full size 20ct for $10.99 , Sample size in box 3ct  $.45 to .50 cents each  )

These are nail polish wipes in individual packets that take out nail polish & keep your nails healthy with aloe & Vitamin E.  One nail polish wipe works for all 10 nails in addition they have scent with fresh Tuscan orange. It looks like they also come in other scents to like lavender & unscented.  They are vegan, cruelty-free, natural & biodegradable, which is awesome.

I love these packets for traveling  & the scents is a nice  fresh orange, no toxic smell here 🙂 . It works great and does not dry out my fingers or nails neither.

3.Balanced Guru No Frizz Balancing Oil ( Right-side )

(Full size 1 oz for $ 25.00, Sample size in box  0.5 oz  $ 12.50 )

I was excited to see this brand in the box as I’ve got a chances to try some of their products& really been falling in love with them for their multitude use.  In this box I got the hair oil  which has no nasty ingredients & is Vegan. This came in the scent of lemongrass ,which goes perfect with my Acure Organics hair care in Lemongrass.  I been using this and it has tamed down my crazy loin curly hair . It is less frizz and I notice too that I only need to just use it once compared to other oils that I have to keep using to tame down my hair. REALLY Been loving this.

20140720-164347-60227454.jpg ( Closer LOOK at The Products In MY BOX )

4. Kari Gran  Tinted Lip Whip ( Bottom Left-side)

(Full Size 7ml for $15, Sample size in box (unknown amount) but was put in the Full-size Jar )

This is another product & brand that I been keep a eye on . And have been wanting to try since it got many good review & I am always on a look out for lip products for my dry Lips Even in SUMMER their Very dry.

I got the sample  of peppermint & Cinnamon-Pimenta , WHICH Smell just like light peppermint. It gives a light tint to the lips & its super moisturizing with out it been sticky.  Note : one funny note of this product is that the container that it come -in is pretty heavy .

5. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Finishing Powder ( Middle-bottom  side )

( Full size 6gm for $17 , Sample size 4.5gm  $ 8.50 to $9.50 )

I’ve hear about this brand but have yet to try any of their products. Looking forward to trying this finish power now for the summer. The product is great to take with you in the bag for on to go touch -ups as it comes in a nice travel size. This product is Vegan and made with only a FEW INGREDIENTS.

6.  Pure Natural Diva Botanicals Body wash  ( Bottom-right side)

(Full size   6 oz for $20, Sample size Between 1 oz or  2 oz )

A travel body wash is always some thing good to have in a bag. This is a new brand for me and is made with natural scents  & its vegan too.  It has a nice mix of scents one of the many that I pick up is Clary sage&  lemon with a Musk note. Very intersecting scent  🙂

……………………….Over thoughts on July Goodebox……………………

 I love how there is a lot of New brands that I have yet to try & also like the Mix of beauty, bath & body items for this month.  The guest Curator Rachel pick out some great products and brands for this month box. Every item will go to use even the Softcup at some point along the way. Great box again , so looking forward to next month as Goodebox is part of the green beauty night event taking place in LA next month.

The other items that where not in MY box was a bronzer by Lauren Brooke, Parissa wax strips and a Polished sugar scrub by Pure natural Diva Botancials.

Until next Goodebox, have a great  end of July 🙂

Note: this subscription I pay myself at least  other wise mentioned .

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