Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : SPF Summer Picks to Protect + Care for Skin


Summer is officially Here !  That means Beach + Ocean + Tan & some serious SPF. Its that time in the season that we are more exposed to the Lovely Sun as we hit the outdoors . Which means its time to SPF are self”s from HEAD- to-TOE.

Basic information of SPF (Sunscreen)

Why is it Important to Put SPF (sunscreen) ?

Well, we should actually be putting SPF through the whole year but specially  more so in the summer. We must do so to protect are skin from Sun damage & prevent Skin Cancer. Also protecting you skin will help in how fast your skin agings. since sun Damage speeds up that process. SO  We all want to stay looking young & beautiful, Right Ladies! So start putting on that lovely SPF.

Whats SPF number should I use ?

SPF comes in 15,20,30,35 and keeps going up. Its recommended by health experts that one should use a SPF of 20 or higher , specially if you are going to do activities that include a long period of  tine being exposed to the SUN.

Where should I put Sunscreen on?

This may be a silly questions but believe it or not many people are not putting sunscreen correctly. Many miss spot in their body when putting on sunscreen.

Most Miss -Spots are:  Hands, Toes, Ears, Head or hair line, Hands, Fingers .

To answer the questions YOU PUT SUNSCREEN FROM HEAD TO TOE! Every part of your body that has SKIN.

When should I reapply?

Sun screen should be applied every 2 to 6 hours depending on the sunscreen product. If your are Hitting the Waves or Ocean its important that you reapply every 2 hours. since the product does rub off while your having fun in the Waves.



The following sun Screen picks are Natural  and great for Acne -Prone Skin or sensitive skin individuals. Lets get to the Protection should WE !


1. Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF 50 (Left -side of Photo)

This sunscreen is great for a everyday use & to take to outdoor activities . It has a High SPF  of 50& its  80 minutes water Resistant. Has protect for both UVA/UVB rays . Cruelty-Free & fragrances-Free & reef-freindly.

Activate  ingredients  :Avobenzone 3.0 %, Octinoxate 7.5% , Octisalate 5.0 %, Octocrylene 8.5 %

This sunscreen  has a light texture Just like COOlA Sunscreen products &  blends into the  skin very well.  It has a nice beach soft scent that is  light and not over powering .  It leaves no whiteness . It leaves the skin with a nice glow finish . Which we all want in the Summer, Right !

FUN FACT: If you LOVE COOlA sunscreen but not its price, then your going to LOVE Hang-Ten. Why ? Its made & own by COOLa ! Yupe thats right! Same product for More then have the Price.

Price range: $11-13 for 6 ozs

Find at ;,,,,


2. Goddess Garden Organics  Sunny body SPF 30  ( Right-side Photo)

This is another great sunscreen for everyday or out door activities. It has a SPF of 30 & 40 minutes of  water resistant.  Has UVB/UVA protection.  Its cruelty-free & Non- GMO & Vegan .

Active ingredients: Titanium dioxide 6.4 % , Zinc Oxide 6.0%

This sunscreen has the same light texture of COOLA & Hang Ten sunscreen. It also has the cooling effect of beauty with out cruelty  18 SPF sunscreen. Its leaves no whiteness but does take a little rubbing on to skin into the skin.  In also leaves more of a Matte finish with very little skin.  The one thing  I love about this one is not it does not leave any sunscreen scent but instead a nice Lavender scent as it has Lavender oil. The scent is very light so don’t worry.

Price: $18-20 6 ozs

Find : or local whole foods or


3. Beauty without Cruelty daily facial lotion SPF 18

It is vegan & no animal testing & no crazy ingredients. It has UVA/UVB protection & has a SPF of 18.  Its fragrances-Free & Vegan & cruelty-Free.

Active Ingredients: 5.0 % Octisalate, 2.5%  Avobenzone & 5.0 % Octocrylene

This sunscreen is great to use for those days that you are not going to be exposed to the sun for too long.  It goes on very light and has a very very light scent of sunscreen that fades quickly.I love this one for it cool effect as it has Aloe vera & makes a AWSOME under makeup SPF.  I use it as  my every day  SPF for my face.

Price range : $12, 4 oz

Find:, & &


4. COOLA Mineral Sunscreen Unscented SPF 20  ( Left-side Photo)

It has a SPF of 20 & has UVB/UVA protection. It is 40 minutes water resistant. Its cruelty-Free, Vegan  & reef friendly.

Active ingredients : Titanium Dioxide 4.2 %

This sunscreen is great for everyday use . It has a light texture that sinks into the skin quickly leaving no whiteness or shine in the skin.  It goes on Matte  which makes it Great to use under make up & also great for sensitive skin . The down fall of this sunscreen is the Price , but a little does go a long way.  I love it because it leaves my makeup looking nice and does not break me out  but  If you want a less price & same texture as COOLA  go for Hang Ten sunscreen.

Price : $36, 1.7 ozs


5. Suntegrity  moisturizing  Face sunscreen & primer SPF 30 (Right-Side Photo)

This sunscreen is a multi-tasker as it  works as a MAKEUP PRIMER, A SUNSCREEN & FACE MOISTURE, which is pretty much three products into one . It has a SPF of 30  its NON-greasy & Non-toxic.   It’s cruelty-free & Vegan.

Active Ingredient : Zinc Oxide 20%

This sunscreen is only for the FACE . Its a great product that has three steps in ONE. It has a light texture and scent like fresh Oranges or citrus.  The scent is light and not over powering instead its more up-lifting   due  to that it has citrus oils.  This sunscreen makes your make-up look flawless & helps it step put on Hot Days. NO melting HERE! I little does go a long way!

Price Range :   $ 45 , 1.7 ozs

Find :


That all My Sunscreens that I recommended for you to check OUT and Start putting that SPF from HEAD -to- TOE!  All the following Sunscreens are great for sensitive skin  & Acne Prone. NON of these are sticky or leave a whiteness in the Skin, I don’t Know About you But I don’t WANT TO LOOK LIKE A GHOST !

I hope you enjoy this summer edition series Post and REMEMBER PROTECT YOUR SKIN !


( ALL products where bought by me & My thoughts are my own & always honest )


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