June Favorites It’s all About Hair

20140706-172355-62635209.jpg   Here are my June Favorites

 And this month Favorites are a little different  as it’s all about Hair products from the brand Acure Organics . A brand that is talk a lot & Loved  by  many other Green Bloggers and mention by many. Acure Organics is a brand that I love and is part of my routine. In addition all Acure Organic products are Vegan, Natural, & Gluten-Free & most important  they Do -Work.

My favorites this month are Acure Lemongrass + Agran stem cell  Shampoo & Conditioner

The shampoo in the lemongrass scent has been great for me to use in my hair to give it a fresh lift yet clean feel to my hair. It makes your hair feel super clean but won’t out feeling dry. which, is great for my thin curl hair.  Its a great shampoo to take alway build up from products use.

The conditioner in lemongrass   give  that finish touch of freshness & softness to my hair . Leaving it soft yet with a good fresh clean scent. In addition, it gives my hair a nice natural shine finish and helps it to look less drying .

I really been loving use these two products together to give me that clean feeling to my hair . Also is great for me to use now since it’s much Hotter ,which really gives me that refresh feeling that my hair needs after all the hot Sun day’s.  One of the Main things that I love is that it does not weight my hair down neither does it make it look Flat.

Another Favorite is Acure Organics Leave – IN- Conditioner

I been loving use this in between washes to refresh my  hair  and to give it some moisture on days that looks dry. This product smells just like the Lemongrass shampoo & conditioner . It has that same fresh clean scent .  Again this product does not weight down my hair neither does it make my hair feel sticky .  A product that  always stays on my Beach bag  & a summer staple ! 🙂


To find these products go to : acureorganics.com & can also be found at your local Whole Foods Store.


I hope you enjoy this short favorite post on my June Favorites feature Acure Organics . Keep enjoying the summer Green Bees !

Note: Products where bought with my own money & Thoughts are always Honest.



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