Summer Caribbean & Travel Series : New York City Whole Foods Stop


Summer is Here , Travel fun !

Summer is Here, which means more traveling for me . And one of the things I like to do when visiting  a different  State is checking out their  natural food stores  to get food of course but to also see & discover new brands . Specially, finding products or brands that are not commonly found in the local area. In a recent trip to New York City ” The Big Apple & the city that never sleeps” .  I went for a event  & I had some free time to go around and make some visits to some of my Favorite Green Stops .

New York Has so many places Now  & they continue to pop up with new places . I honestly can’t keep up :). One of my STops was to visit Whole Foods Market located at 25th & 7th Avenue , this is one of the  many locations that their is in New York city.  One of my favorite features of this one is that they Have a whole Body& Beauty store of its own right next door to the regular whole foods  , which I love . They have a bigger product selection and more brands included in this store that are not common found in other whole food locations.

 Now lets check out what I picked up !

20140627-135639-50199694.jpg I found a lot of my favorite goodies but specially found them in different flavors that are not seen or found at my local Whole Foods , in which their is at  least four in my area.  The following are my PICKS & FINDS :

1.Kiss My Face Tooth Paste in Triple Action (TOP Left In Photo) 

I love Kiss My Face Tooth Paste specially the Aloe Vera One . I been wanting to pick up this one ( Triple Action)  but I can’t find it on my local stores for some reason. So when I seen it I had to grab one :). I really been wanting to try this one for a while since it helps in removing plaque, whitens teeth & prevent tartar build-up.

2.  SUn Cups in Milk Chocolate  (Middle Left in Photo)

I am in love with these ! They are so good and are better for you  in terms of ingredients . They are Gluten-Free , Non-GMO Verified & Nut Free . So when I seen these too, I had to grab one as I have not seen it on my whole foods. They do have other flavors  like mint, dark chocolate at my local whole foods but I  have yet to see this one.

3. Snapea  Crisps Green Beans in  Black Pepper Flavor ( Bottom Left in Photo) 

I always enjoy eating my vegetables in a fun  & a new way !  so a while back I got a sample of these in their regular flavor  and  love them as its a fun way to eat your Green Beans. But I didn’t know they came in other flavors until I seen them in NYC . I was so excited and had to grab a bag or two 🙂 of these guys.  They have a good amount of fiber & are made out of really Green beans.  they are  like eating green beans  but instead area just baked and crisps like potato chips.

4. CLIF BAR  in  Chocolate Brownie, Apricot, & Banana Nut Bread  ( Right side of Photo)

I enjoy CLIF Bars  for their flavor  and good sources of protein  on – the -Go. I always have one in my bag for those long days .  When I want to NYC Whole Foods they had them on sale plus  has flavors that I have not seen around my local market . So I had to pick up a few of Apricot, Banana Nut bread & Chocolate brownie flavors .  All three flavors are taste really good 🙂


Those where all the things that I got on my Stop to Whole Foods Market at 25th & 7th Avenue in New York City. Most of it was Food  since its one of those things that I use up the most . I love everything that I got specially with all the new flavors that I found   .

I hope you enjoy this short travel post & stay Tune for Many more ! 🙂

Do you enjoy stopping at other State Natural stores ?  And what new discoveries of brands or product you found ?   Comment below would love to hear ! 🙂


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