Goodebox June 2014


It’s that time again for A Goodebox.

 June Theme : ” We’re all about problem solvers- products aimed to address your most simple to most vexing skin issues”.

Basic Info of Goodebox

Goodebox is a Eco-friendly subscription service that focus in providing green product  to try. The products range from beauty, health, lifestyle items .This is a monthly sign up subscription services.The product size are either full size ,deluxe or server small  packet sample’s.The cost of the monthly subscription is $18 . In addition you can find product detail information , offers and green beauty tips.

For more information on the subscription and blog  go to

Note Goodebox Upodated Its Profile Form :

This month box is a little different as last month we had to fill out a 5-6 page profile update form so the box’s could be  more create  individual for you.  The JUNE box is the first box that reflects the NEW Profile Form.   This means that not everyone is going to have the same product as each  person box  varies basic on this profile . Beacuse of this Goodebox will have a bigger list of products available.


The follow products  in my box are picks base on the new profile that I filled out last month:

1.Avitalin Bee Venom BioLift Complex (Top Right)

( Full size 3oml $70, Sample size Unknown but its pretty Nice size)

This product sound intersecting but Have to pass it down since I am allergies to Bee stings since it’s made out of Bee Viadom , It does smell nice  🙂 . Its a shame because this product has the highest value .

2.  Primal Pit Paste  Natural Deodorant – Regular ( Center Top)

( Full size 2 0z, $ 8.95, Sample size .25 oz/ 4g )

It’s always nice to try a new decorate . This one smells  Just like Shea butter . In which , I didn’t like the scent and the texture is a little stiff but yet not to cream . I did feel that  you need to kind off work it pretty we’ll in your pity’s. This is great size to travel and to take in any bag for those moments that you need a little pity Love .

4. Waxelene The petroleum Jelly Alternative (Left side Top)

( Full size 2 oz, $ 8.99, Sample size 0.75 oz )

This is a product that I been wanting to try for a long time as it has many uses .  The product has no scent and melts right into your skin/ lips . It does not feel oily neither does it feel sticky .

5.Blum Naturals Dali y Cleansing & makeup Remover Towelettes ( Center -Green Box)

( Full size 30 wipes, $7.49 , Sample size 10 wipes )

I am seen these so much at my Local Marshalls Store  but never thought of garbing them.  So its nice to see these in my Box. They are the Tea Tree oil  ones for combination skin. Have not try them yet as I current finishing my other face wipes. Also these came as individuals wipes which is great because you can just take a few on the go instead of taking the whole package .

6. Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen SPF 30  ( Right Bottom)

(Full size 6 0z, 4 ,$ 20, Sample size 1 oz)

I am always looking to try a New sun screen as My skin has a hard time accepting them . I tend to react to them by breaking out.  This one is a non chemical sunscreen & smells like lavender. It doesn’t feel heavy  on the skin but seem to be a little oily  but not in a bad way. This may be due that is has lavender oil, sunflower oil,coconut oil, Shea butter, which is good because it will not cause your skin to dry . Which some sunscreens tend to do.  I for sure will be giving this one a ride for body use but not for the face.


Summary of thought’s on June Box

I love all the products because they are everyday products that I would use . The only product that I won’t get to use is the face cream  due to my Bee allergies but I am sure I would have like it too.  In terms of the  new profile & picks on products chosen for me  I think they did a great Job as i picked more of a lifestyle profile . I am looking forward to my next month box to see how the profile update functions  more base  on the next month product selection.


Until Next Month 🙂


Note : My thoughts are my own and honest > The subscription services is bought with my own money.

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