Spring Series Edition 2014: Blushing with Roses


Spring & Summer is all about getting that natural fresh look that looks natural .  This 7 piece Blush Kit by Everyday Minerals  brings you just that.  Gives you a travel Friendly blush’s in different ranges of Pink & Peach tone colors.

Everyday Minerals  is a mineral makeup brands that is vegan & cruelty-Free & made in USA & Hand Crafted in Austin, TX   . Its makeup contain NO – Mineral oils-Carmine-Sulfate- Fragrances- Parabens or Any of that  other bad chemicals. Instead you find its products to contain less then 5 or 7 ingredients that provide a beautiful flawless natural finish.

More Info in Everyday Minerals check them out at : Everydayminerals.com

Blushing with Roses w/ Everyday Minerals :  Love At First Blush Kit


Ever so often Everyday Minerals Brings out a great collection Kit . For Spring  they created this beautiful 7 Piece kit  that brings  7 pink & peach tone colors of blush’s that range from cool,warm & neutral under tone colors .  In addition it brings a Baby Flat top brush . All this for $24 .


Each Blush comes in a travel & easy to use container of  .06oz/ 1.7g. A great size to take them with you to go during travel or in your everyday makeup bag to-go.  The blush’s have no shimmer to them . AS they are a Matte blush’s but don’t lets this scare You. They go on Very, Very smooth and do not look drying in the face, neither do set into pores or fine lines or into dry patch spots. Instead it just gives you a natural flesh of color .


Swatches of Tea Rose & Field of Rose & Pink of Flower & At first blush

      (PS :  don’t minded my white hand 🙂 )



Theses blush are so beautiful to get that natural blush look finish . They are so wearable to wear as everyday blush’s or just to get that natural bare look .


Swatches  of Fresh Rose Blossom & Primrose Blush

(PS :  don’t minded my white hand 🙂 )



Fresh Rose Blossom is more of a lighter peach as Primrose is more of a Peach Pink blush. Both of these are great to wear over a nice bronze to get that beach Look.

………….Taking a Close look at each  Blush Color………

20140618-184125-67285146.jpgPrimrose Blush

It a much more Peach rose with Pink tones , Its a true beach blush.

20140618-184126-67286487.jpgPink For Flower Blush

Is a True Light Pink Blush , for those days to go bare Pink.

20140618-184126-67286135.jpgFresh Rose Blossom

A  light pink with a light Peach tone to it, Although it is more pink then peach.


Field of Roses Blush

Is a very light Pink , It looks just Like the color of A light Pink rose.


At First Blush

Is a light old -pink tone pink that has less of a pinkish tone & more Dark Pinkish .


Tea Rose  Blush

It a is a pretty light Pinkish tone Pink. It reminds me of Barbie  dolls lip  color .


………Summary of Spring Blushing ……

All these Blushes go Matte and Look like you have a very  natural blush .  All the colors are great to add to different looks . In addition you can also use these as a eye shadow or as a eye shadow base  .  If you are looking for a natural look Blush I would recommended picking this lovely kit .  Get it while it last as this kit is for a limited of time !

ENDING  THE SPRING Series Edition With a BLUSH & Smile :)I hope you all have enjoy this Blush post and the spring series edition . XoXo

( All products where bought with my own money .)



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