May Empties/ Favorite


Here are My  May Favorites & Empties

This time I decide to combine  both my Favorites & Empties  since I did not try much new or used up much neither this month.

so lets get to it .


1. Soapbox Soap in Lemongrass

This is one company and product that I have mention a few times in my blog post and just recent did a whole post about this brands mission and soaps.  For May I used up their lemon grass soap. Love the smell of this as it is refreshing and uplifting. Great for a lift me up bath. For this reason it was one of my favorite soaps to use for May to get into the Spring spirit.

2.EcoTools Facial Sponge in Charcoal

This is EcoTools New Launch product this year . They have the regular one that’s white for sensitive skin and this one the charcoal for problem or combination skin.

I have been using it for over a month now and really like it. It has help to remove my dead winter skin and has help me to break out less in those months. I am not sure how this compares to other sponges in the market . But it does a great job and can’t beat the price of $6.

Note : Full-review is coming soon !- Stay tune

3. Kiss My Face whitening Gel  tooth paste with Aloe Vera.

This tooth paste last me a good amount of 2 months of use. This is more of a gel texture that has a nice refreshing scent . I love how long lasting the scent is and how we’ll it cleans and whitening my teeth as drying some green teeth .I am current testing Tom’s brand tooth paste , which I am not to crazy for but for sure will be turning back to this green gel .

4. Pangea Organic  Eye Cream

This was a complete fail! I got a sample of this brand in my GoodeBox. And was so looking forward to it as I am in a hunt for a Eye Cream. It has a light cream texture that sink well to the skin. It does have a light fragrances , which I was not happy for as have sensitive eye area.

This is where this product Fail, I put the cream on and in 3 seconds my eyes swell up so bad that it look as I was on a boxing match and got a beat down 😦 . It cause my skin a degree of burn as we’ll. yes, pretty scary 😦 but no worry’s I survived the Match 🙂

It seem the combination of some ingredients cause me a serve reaction to MY Skin . Remember Everyone skin is different & reacts different. By all means I still think this brands has some great products but some are not for me. And happy that I got to try some of the brands products.

5.Pomega5 Green Tee Balancing Cleansing Bar

This was a square  sample  size bar that I got on a Goodebox a few months bar. I love Green Tea and its benefits as well as how effective it works in my skin. I use this in combination with  Eco Tools sponge . Both work great together in cleaning  my face without over drying.

The Green Tea soap has a nice earth smell that makes your face feel fresh & clean .  This product is great for Acne prone skin that is also sensitive . A little piece goes a long way as  not much is needed to make a nice light   foam  . For sure a Favorite facial Soap to Add to my list 🙂


So these where my favorites _ Fails _ & Empties in Beauty for the month of May.

I hope you enjoy this  post and that you had a Happy May 🙂

Note : All products  or subscription services mention where bought with my own money  & my thoughts are my own & always honest.


2 thoughts on “May Empties/ Favorite

    • I was bummed out 😦 about it but Iam glad to have tried it. Yes , EcoTools made two Konjac sponge a white one for sensitive skin too. It works great and the price is good $6 . This is the first one I used but curios to see how it compares with the other ones like dr.sponge, one love organic and etc.

      Let me know if you pick one up 🙂

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