Spring Series Edition 2014 : Purple Eyes


The year of Purple !

Fashion color this year brings us the color of all things purple. In this  Spring edition I pick out some pretty Purple Eye shadows that are great to wear as a everyday wear and to add a  pop of spring color into the eyes.  The following  eyeshadow can  be added to your  daily eye look that would look great with neutral eyeshadow  colors like brown, cream,  & pinks .

Lets get to these Purple Picks 🙂

NOTE : All photo where taken in natural light to get the best true color & Please don’t mind my pale skin I know me and Sun need to have some tea Time 🙂


Left side : Honeybee Garden ( 1.Spellbound & 2.Moondust) , Brijia Cosmetics ( 3.Yzmopolis & 4.Consulting Detective)


Starting from left side of the Photo is HoneyBee Garden Eyeshadow in  (1)Spellbound , which I describe as  a  old  brown dark purple color . This eyeshadow is a Matte . I love to use it as a dark color base to layer with other light colors on top.  Next up is Honeybee Garden eyeshadow in (2)MoonDust, which is a much more shimmer eyeshadow . Its color is a light purple with shimmers in silver. I love to use this in my inter corner of my eyes to add as a eye brighter or highlighter to my eye look of the day.

The next two eyeshadow are   from Brija Cosmetics  in (3) Yzmopolis , which is from Brija villain collection. Ysmopolis is much more of a light shimmer eyeshadow that has  some what of blues,purple and sliver  tone color in the mix.  I use this one as a inter corner or as a all over color by it self . It’s such a pretty everyday color to just wear and looks great with pink /brown color eyeshadow . Next is another Brija cosmetics eyeshadow in (4) Consulting Detective , which has less shimmer  with  dark purple  tone mix with pink tone  colors. This eyeshadow I use as a base color for when I add in my neutral colors to give it a pop of color.


Starting from TOP : Honeybee Garden ( 1.Spellbound & 2.Moondust) , Brijia Cosmetics ( 3.Yzmopolis & 4.Consulting Detective)


The next following Photo are the eyeshadow in their pots to take a closer look at these different purples.



Honeybee Garden Eyeshadow


The following are Honeybee Garden eyeshadow in (left) Spellbound a dark Matte purple color & (right) Moondust a light shimmer purple color .


Brija Cosmetics

  The next two eyeshadow are from Brija Cosmetics  (the one above is) Consulting Detective a dark purple with some blue shimmer. A very  pretty purple .



Brija Cosmetics

Another Brija Cosmetics eyeshadow ( photo above) is Yzmopolis a light purple with sliver shimmer . A pretty spring color to use a inner corner highlighter .

All eye shadows mention in this post can be found at Honeybeegarden.com  & brijacosmetics.com . They are great natural makeup company with budget friendly prices  and great quality.

As always I hope you enjoy this blog post and all my Spring Edition blog post that I have posted so far.

Continue to have  a lovely Spring !

( all products where bought with my own money and my thoughts are always honest.)

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