Reiview : Soap + Hope = Soapbox


Introduction to Soapbox Soap

Soapbox is a company that I came upon during a traveling trip  when I went to a local Green food store , Which I can’t remember where. But often I see these little guys at my local Wholefood store .  SoapBox soap is a company that start out with Just Soaps and a Mission to give back to the community  at One soap at a Time. Soapbox Soaps are Made in the USA , are gluten free and made with Natural ingredients.  To know more about soapbox soap visit their website

Current Soapbox Soap has expand its product to just not soap but liquid hand soap & Body wash. so check them out and their good mission to giving back .


Soap has been the main product for Soapbox soap. The soaps come in many different scents from lavender, orange, lemongrass, non-scented, black soap, and spearmint just to name a few .  The soaps are 4 0z and come in a square shape bar . Each of their soaps  cost $5.  The soaps are vegan, gluten free and have non of the typical bad ingredients found in common soaps .

The follow soap in the Photo is Lemongrass a fresh and herb scent that lift ups your spirit. Love to use this one in the morning as a pick me up soap. The soap had a strong but yet soft scent that sticks to you compared to others that just fade away. The bar is a great size to hold into your hands .


  Ingredient List

As seen in the Photo Above is the ingredient list of the soap and its is the same for all the soaps the only thing that changes is the essential oil for each soap scent.  AS you can notice form the ingredients list is that it a small list , something that I love as I am a believer that the fewer ingredients the better .  Also many of the ingredients are form natural oils , which yes means that this soap does not over dry your skin instead it leaves it soft and moisture. For me this is important as I tend to have very dry skin 🙂


 Hand Soap

As mention before Soapbox soap Start off with just soap. Now Just  this year they expanded to including Hand Liquid soaps  to their collection of products. Of course the mission continue to stay the same  in providing naturals and good products. The first two liquid soaps that I got where Lavender and Pomegranate . The liquid soap are 8 oz and cost $7-8 .  The liquid soaps do come in different scent such as  lavender, black soap and among other scents.

The liquid soaps have the same natural scent as their soap bars . The soap is a cream  texture liquid and feels very nice in the hand . It gives the hand a nice  light foam  wash without leaving them dry. I like because I am always washing my hand and as mention my skin is really dry. So I love how this clean my hand but yet left them soft.

A cute detail in their bottles  is that ( as seen in Photo above) it has a see through line that indicates when your running low in soap but also indicates that you finish a bottle and gave a full hope to a child or community in Need. I just got to say that I love that and its a very special details to the product and their mission.


Ingredients list

The photo above is the ingredient list of the liquid soap  and its the same for all as the only thing that changes is the scent blend ingredients. For me personally  like some of the ingredients like shea butter, jojoba ,aloe but the other ingredients are  OK but Not the best for my own standard . But compared to other liquid soaps  I think this is a  good  green pick to start off .  This soap does work great and feels great in the hands.


A soap with a Mission

Each of Soapbox soap products has a Mission  of its own to give back to a community or a child in need.  Each soap that is sold provides a   child with a soap to provide them a safe way to wash and avoid illness.   Each  Liquid soaps  provides a 1 month of clean water to a child in need through the organization  .

I find that is this a amazing company that is giving to both its customer to provide awareness to green living through product but also awareness to ways to help other community in need . And to also be fully activate in giving back.  This is what stood out the most for me with this soap a product that gives back as a whole  is a great thing and one I will support .

You can find soapbox soap products  at or your Local Wholefood store  🙂

I hope you enjoy this post and please continue passing  the  Hope to are community.





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