Spring Series Edition 2014 : Spring Lip Balm





It’s Time to Spring Are LIPS Up  !

Even thought it is Spring Are lips still need that Special care , Even more so NOW that We start putting on those Spring Trend Lip Colors .

In this Spring Edition Series its all about LIP Balms and Spring Taste to keep that spring trend  .




 Osmia Organics Best Lip Balm  , Is a must have in your spring bag !

One aspect that speaks spring in this lip balm is its label of water color lavender flowers in a open field. And of course as you open it their is the SUN.

This lip Balm has a sun color shade with a taste of light mint that goes on smooth and clear that’s long lasting .

Find : osmiaorganics.com



Stewart & Claire Lip Balm , This brand is very intersecting in terms of its mix flavor lip Balms.

This one is called Spring  and it has a taste of fresh spring in terms of that scent that is in the air when trees and flower blooms .

Its like having Spring in you Lips.I would say its more a earth and grass scent. It goes on smooth and moisture lips very well.

Find : beautyhabit.com


Meow Meow Tweet Lip Balm , will make you Meow ! Meow Meow Tweet Lip balms are never to far from my paws.

The Two that I picked out of their Five lip balms are  Grapefruits Clove ( Left Photo) & Tangerine Lime (center photo) .

These two are great Spring flavors as we see and smell more citrus fruits.  Having these two is like having a bowl of citrus fruits with you at all time.

Grapefruit Clover is has more of a clover with a touch of grapefruit taste and Tangerine Lime  has a touch of lime with a tart taste .

Both Lip Balms work great to keep your lips form getting dry.

Find : meowmeowtweet.com


I hope you enjoy this  Spring lip post and the lovely flowers feature .

……All the lip balms Feature are made out of natural  & Organic Ingredients…

Also the lip balms are no more then $6  expected Osmia Organic lip balm that is $-8  but so worth getting…..

Have a Lovely Spring



2 thoughts on “Spring Series Edition 2014 : Spring Lip Balm

  1. I’m a serious lip balm snob & while I adore all of your picks immensely, I must say that Hurraw! is my top of the list, go-to, one in every room, bags, pocket balm. Great on eyelashes in lieu of mascara, too.

    Thanks for the amazing posts!!

    Beth Smith


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