It’s Empties Time

The month of March  & April where slowly months  in me using up products . Yes, I know it Take Me For EVERY to use up a Product 🙂 .

Here ( Photo Above)  are some of the things that I used up . So lets get started ……



 1.  Sweetriot Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs :  I got this a few months back on my Goodebox  Subscription  services. I love these so much that I made sure that they last me a  long time. It gives you that good amount sweet that you just need . I love chocolate and these where very good.

2.Shea Terra Rose Hips  Black Soap :  I got this sample size of this famous face wash that many people raved about . I got this from  a order that I did in Foxymango a natural beauty online store.  I start using this as a deep wash for my face  once a  week  as a  deep cleanser  . I like how it smell and how the texture was a cream form. This soap does last a long time a little really goes a long way.  I actually have mix feeling on this face wash as my skin like it but didn’t like it  But does work great for doing that one deep skin wash.  I will be doing a full review as to why I had mix feelings, stay tune.

3.  Curly Hair solutions -Curly Keeper : This is a water base hair gel that tame away frizz and define curly s without leaving  my hair  sticky or weight it down but instead just define curly.  I really love this as  it has natural ingredients and are free form animal testing. My mom actually gave me this sample from her Birchbox  a few months back . Yes , My mom is a  beauty lover just like me 🙂 .  A little goes a long way actually and the best part is that it  does not cause buildup in your hair.


4. Coola Classic Sunscreen :  I actually did a review of this product in the beginning of doing my blog . I got a sample of this ( don’t remember form where ) but I got a chance to re-try this product again.  And yet, I still love this sunscreen for its fresh and clean scent and feeling in the skin.  Although , I don’t like the price tag as its $20 plus . which I fine to be high price for a sunscreen.

5. Andalou Naturals in Lavender Thyme Body Lotion: AS you know I love Lavender. I got this a few months back too on My Goodebox subscription services . I love the scent but I found that this product was not very moisturizing for my body, which is very dry. I love the scent but not the best moisturizer for dry skin. My skin drunk this lotion quickly that by 4 hours my body  felt dry again.

6. SoapBox Soap  Hand Wash in Pomegranate : This hand soap is great and smells like candy orange to me . I like how it left my hand soft and didn’t over dry them even when I wash my hands a few time during the day. The scent is not over powering and just leaves a soft fade scent in the hands.  It will not leave your hands smelling like candy all Day, so don’t worry  :).


7. La fresh Face wipes : I bought these wipes to try something new . I love the scent as it smell clean and sweet at the same time . Although I did not find them effective in cleaning makeup off but do work well to refresh your face during the day after a run or yoga class.  Another thing I didn’t like is that they are not as natural in terms of ingredients as I would like them to be.


For the month of March and April I found some favorites and some not so great. But I like that I got to try theses products for my self and see what works for me. I hope you enjoy this blog post of some of the products I used up .

Stay tune for the next one 🙂


2 thoughts on “MARACH & APRIL Empties

    • Thanks for stopping by, Black soap is great for comb skin types as it helps to control oil t-zone area and is a great gentle deep face wash. I would try to get a sample and test it out to see if it works for your skin. let me know how it goes and what you pick out.

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