Food : All Things Pumpkin


I am a Pumpkin Lover all the Way. I love all things  Pumpkin. The taste ans scent is just amazing  & has good nutrition elements for your health and body.   I eat pumpkin all year round and is one of my favorite vegetable  to add to my food. Also the color just brights up any meal. Here  I am sharing some of my seasonal product favorites .





  Pumpkin Cereal  & Oat Meal  (Top Photo )

1. Nature’s Path Organic Flex Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch

This cereal is great is one of my favorites as its USDA organic , Vegan and NON-GMO Verified  and has a lot of good nutrition in it . Since breakfast is such a important meal to get your body started and working in your daily life. For me its important to have a cereal that has a lot of good nutrition.  The cost for a 12.35 oz box  is between $4-5 .

Nutrition  Facts :

210 Calories, 19grams Whole grain, 7grams Fiber, 6g Protein ,  15% Iron, Calories of fat 35 , 31 % Omega 3 , Contain wheat & soy .


This cereal taste really good it has  raisin and Pumpkin seeds in it. I love it because is has the right amount of sweet. It also has a crunch to it , which I like .

Where can you find it :

The only place I seen it is in my local  whole Foods & Target but I am sure you can find it at your local natural store.


2.Archer Farms  Pumpkin Spice instant Oatmeal

I loved this oat meal for its taste as it has a true flavor to Pumpkin spice . Although this is not the best choice in terms of natural but it better then other brands that are filled with sugar .  For 8 packets it cost $3.50.

Nutrition  Facts : 

 150 Calories , 25 grams whole grain, 0 grams Tran Fat, 3 grams of Protein, Natural Flavored, Has Soy.


It has a true taste to Pumpkin Spice .

Where can you find it :

I found this at Target, its actually a Target Brand .  This product is seasonal and could only be found in the fall season.


 Pumpkin Drinks  ( Bottom Left)

1. TAZO SEasonal Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte

I really enjoy this drink as a morning or mid day pick me up drink. The taste is spice but yet smooth . I liked this as a switch up form my organic coffee. I also like this because it made with Black Tea , which has more of a natural caffeine to it . Also Black Tea has great benefits to the body as well.  This cost about $4 to 5 , for  1 Quart.  It makes 8 servings but this depends on how strong you want it in flavor .

Nutrition  Facts :  80 Calories, Natural Flavor ,  Made with Black Tea , water and spices such as cloves, Ginger, Cinnamon , just to name a few .


This tasted so good and a little goes along way as I felt that it was pretty concentrated. I would mix a half cup of this with some almond Milk .  It made a nice morning or mid day drink. You can also drinks this cold or hot.

Where can you find it :

This is a seasonal Flavor that you can find at Target or at your local Natural or food store in the area of coffee or teas.


2. Sweetie Pie Ground Coffee in Pumpkin Pie

I really enjoy this too ! It had a great taste  and smell. Every time I would drink it it made me happy 😉 .It was great to drink in the morning as a start up. I do say that this is Not the best pick in terms of organic or natural coffee but it’s true taste of Pumpkin is worth a try.  The cost of it is $ 6 to 7 for 12 oz.

Nutrition  Facts :

Arabica Beans that are roasted in Michigan  & natural Flavors.


A true pumpkin Pie taste . Every time I would make this in the morning the whole place would smell like Pumpkin.  Every time I made it I was asked if I was Baking Pumpkin Pie or Pumpkin something. 🙂

Where can you find it :

I found this at Target  &  TJMax  and I have not seen it else where but I am sure is sold at other locations. This is a seasonal Flavor only sold during Fall season.


 Pumpkin Butter ( Bottom Right)

1. Vermont Harvest Pumpkin Better

I love this butter and its taste is just like eating Pumpkin in a jar. I also love that is made in small batches. It has a great texture that makes it easy to spread on bread or add it to your cereal or yogurt .  The cost for a Jar of 80z is $4-5 .

Nutrition  Facts :

 20 Calories, Made in small batches in Vermont, 30% Vitamin A , all natural NO  additives or preservatives, water,Pumpkin, brown sugar, honey,lemon juice, and spices. Does have Bisulfate  of soda as a natural acidifier.  Has No soy.


True Pumpkin taste with some spice . What I love about it is the taste but the texture was between liquid & soild, which was great when spreading on bread or adding it to the cereal.

Where can you find it :

You can finds it at your local natural store or at . This is a season product that is only found in the Fall.



Pumpkin Summary  Notes :

 As always keep  make sure you check all ingredients of the products to see if they meet your standers and or needs. The following products where picks due to there TRue Taste of Pumpkin . Which I find hard to get as many products like theses are filled with Artificial  flavor and coloring.  So these where the ones that I found that where reason in Price but also had better ingredients compared to other Pumpkin products.

I hope you enjoy this Pumpkin Post 🙂

( all product where bought with my own money and my review are only honest thoughts of what I think )

2 thoughts on “Food : All Things Pumpkin

  1. Makes it feel like autumn again with is post! I don’t think I like the taste of pumpkin very much, but it don’t mind pumpkin-flavored stuff, like the Tazo tea! I loooove chai tea so I will keep in mind the one you recommeneded!

    • Thanks for stopping and by Yes , very autumn feel with the whole pumpkin. If you like chi tea then you sure will like the Tazo Tea with pumpkin as it has a more chia tea to it ,which balances the pumpPking taste very well.

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