Spring Series Edition 2014: Lavender Love ( Part of Product Edition IIII : Lavender )

WELCOME to the First Post of the SPRING SERIES EDITION 2014

(Here your find a Summary of what to expect for this Series : http://wp.me/p3R10z-gT)

A Series dictated to all thing Spring, specially Flowers . This week we look at the Beauty of Lavender. Lavender is one that is most common and know for its wellness benefits in promoting calmness , Relax and peacefulness . Its also know for its healing power to relief stress, anxiety and   headaches . In addition, Lavender has the ability to kill common bacteria  or germs found in are everyday living. For this reason it is common used or found in cleaning and anti-bacteria products .

One of the reason I love Lavender( if you have not yet notice) , is that it has many use  & benefits  .


 My Lavender Love Picks are basic on using pure Lavender oils. These products have many ways to be  uses Just like Lavender it self.

Lets Look at some Picks for this Lavender Love edition !



EO  Hand Sanitizer in Lavender has a amazing true soft lavender scent that is soft and not a over powered scent. The hands are left soft and not left over drying like many hand sanitizer. This product is USDA Organic and Natural. It contains NO Alcohol !!!This product is made with  Water, Organic Lavender ,Vitamin E, Leaf Extract, Vegetable Glycerin.  It has  A very simple formula with very few ingredients .

I use this product to clean my hands or to wipe a table, Phone and all things that get well, a lot of germs due to daily touching things 🙂

Eo can be found at your Local Whole Foods Store or Natural Store


Meow Meow Tweet is a  Brand that is dear to Me. These Products are hand made in very small amounts. Made out of the best natural ingredients and a very simple formula. This product is their Body Oil in Lavender Lemongrass.  It’s main scent is Lavender with a soft tone of Lemongrass. The scent is soft and not over powering. This combination Speak  Fresh Springs !  The scent fades into a fresh lavender lemon.

The body oil has a smooth oil texture that is light and not grease. It sinks right into your skin leaving it soft and smooth. I love the natural glow that it gives the skin with out looking oily like. This is one of my favorite oils to start off my Spring Season but to also put me in the spirit of Spring. This oil and scent provides a uplifting spirit with a calm touch to the body & mind.  This product is made out of  Sunflower oil, Hempseed oil, Virgin coconut oil, Jojoba oil, and infused with Jasmine, Rose hips & has Lavender and Lemongrass essential oils. The product is Vegan, Natural, and the container is made out of recycle  material.

I use this oil in two ways  (1) has a body oil and use it for my hair to take away fly always and to give it a little volume.

FYI :  Lavender gives your hair a Natural lift

Find more about Meow Meow tweet Here : Meowmeowtweet.com


Pangea organics Lip Balm is  a Lavender scent  lip balm that is light and soft. You don’t even smell the scent when you apply the lip Balm to your Lips.  You could only get the scent if you out the balm very close to your nose 🙂  It has a very cream texture with a silk touch, This lip balm melts into your lips leaving a softy finish and texture. It’s very moisturizing and feels lovely in my lips. It has long lasting power.

AS winter goes away, which does not feel like it. I like to switch my lip balm to a lighter texture. This lip balm is great for  a Spring  Transition balm because it’s light but yet gives you that moisturizing that your lips need.  The formula of this lip balm contain  Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E, sweet Orange oil, Lavender oil, Sunflower seed oil, Bee wax and Jojoba oil , just to name a few of its ingredients. This product is USDA.Organic  and is Gluten-Free.

I use this product as a lip balm but also use it for dry patch’s on my hands or skin. I just rub a little in  my fingers and pat it or rub it in the area  that needs it .

Find more about Pangea organics Products here : pangeorganics.com

I hope you enjoy this First Blog Post for the Spring Series Edition . A blog post will be up every other week for this Series. So STAY Tune because their will be more Flowers to Bloom.

( all products where bought with my own money )

6 thoughts on “Spring Series Edition 2014: Lavender Love ( Part of Product Edition IIII : Lavender )

  1. Great post! I love lavender as well because it is so calming as a scent. That hand sanitizer looks interesting, much check that out the next time I’m at Whole Foods 🙂 Love the Meow Meow Tweet body oil too!

  2. You sure made a convincing endorsement for Meow Meow Tweet lavender body oil. I’m finding myself wanting to grab a bottle of this one. I have sensitive skin and seeing how it’s made from all natural ingredients makes it safe for me. I’m looking for natural alternative in removing my stretch marks and I think this will be a good massage oil for my marks. I’m curious about using it as a hair conditioner. My hair is very prone to breakage and often resulting to hair loss, would you recommend its use for my hair type?

    • Thanks for stopping . This body oil is very lovely and can be used in many ways too due to its simple formula including as a massage oil . I do use it as a hair oil to tame away my curl hair frizz . I use two dots of this hair and rub it into my hands and then in my hair . I have prone breakage too, so I focus it on my ends and lower end of my hair and then I rub or massage it lightly in the top. I only do this twice in a week as a refresh to my hair and to keep it form looking over. drying. They do have travel size available that you can get to try out their products include the oils for a small price. I hope this helps. 🙂

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