Spring Series Edition 2014


It’s been a Hard & Cold Winter this year for many of US. So Hard that some of us felt like SPRING was never going to Arrive. But Spring is finally here !! Flowers are starting to show their green steams and the Air smells like spring Rain as we enter into April.

To bring the Spring Spirit which some of us are in much in need, include my self 🙂 , I have created a Blog Series JUST for Spring to bring us into the spirit and heal  away are winter Blues 🙂

The Spring Series Edition will run through the whole Spring Season, in this specially Edition you will find information about flowers and their benefits but also will be including Photos ( like the ones above) of a special flower shoot that I took last few weeks  to bring you the color and flowers through the view of my Lens. But most Importantly the Spirit of Spring!


 What can you expect to see in this Spring series Edition ?

Other then Photos taken by me of  Flowers and nature at its Best , I will be picking products that represent the scents and feel of spring .Products include anything from tea, beauty, perfume,  body & bath, tools, clothing, jewelery and much more.Each Blog post will focus around spring theme from flower &  nature in its bloom moments.  In addition, New Spring product launch’s  will be include in this Spring series too !

I will be doing review of each item or product selected and  give you my thoughts in why that item/products speaks spring .

20140330-173208.jpgMain Idea is to Showing the Beauty of Flowers through my Lens

Flowers are a beautifully created and structure to how they grow and battle to rise and shine . This is something that  you will see a lotthrough my photos. But in addition will get information about different flowers in how some can be used for wellness  & healing for are body  & mind and how they can be used for are skin and beauty .


When will you Post this Blog ?

I will be posting every other week a post on the Spring Edition Series .

 The First Post will be up tomorrow!! So stay Tune  ♣

My the bloom begin !


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