Review Brija Cosmetic Edition : Sherlock Collection


This review of Brija Cosmetic will be a continues  Edition presenting the different collections and products from this line. The review  has many photos to provide you a close look at each product and its color .  I hope you enjoy it !!

****Note : I will do My Best to provide the Best, Best  Photo and description of the products. I am still  trying to get the hang of it 🙂 *****

Introduction to Brija  Cosmetics

Brija Cosmetics was created by  Brianna Know in the YouTube world as  iluvjesse444.  She  has a passion of green beauty  and living a healthy lifestyle . She shares her Green Road and experiences in her Channel by creating helpful videos about  green beauty, gluten free and much more  . Make sure to check out her channel   here :  iluvjesse444

Brija Cosmetics is Vegan and Cruelty Free  and include a line up of beautiful eye shadows, Lip products , highlighter and much more.  The line up of products are in a collection base off  Movie and TV show inspiration .   For more detail information on Brija Cosmetics  go here  :

The first Collection to Review  : Sherlock  Duo Collection  ( 2 eye shadow and 1 Lip Juice )

*** Note : the only way to get the lip juice is if  you get the whole collection.  The eye shadows are in sold individual . ****


The sherlock Collection (photo Above ) Contains  Bachelor Waton (Left) , Consulting Detective ( Center)  and Satisfied Gin (Right). 

The whole collections colors are base of the characters  and the TV show it self .  The individual cost of single eye shadows are $5  and the whole collection is  $ 15 . The Packaging is so  cute  that you just want to look at it . It sure adds some character  and fun to a makeup collection  or any  makeup bag .

****Now lets get detective and look at each product individual ****


Sherlock eye shadow  : Bachelor Watson (left ) & Consulting Detective( center)

( the Photo was taken In natural lightning, No flash )  

Its so cute, Right !

*******Note : All products come with a label on the bottom with ingredient list. ********

  Eye shadow 1: Bachelor Waton ( Photo Below  Natural lighting )


 Bachelor Waton is  a nude  creme   color with light  shimmer .  The color works great to highlight your inter eye area to brighten up your eyes in less words to look awake . I also love it as a base for dark colors or to use it as a blending color .  Its a nude color that becomes a stable in any girls makeup bag.

Ingredients : Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Tin Oxide, Boron Nitride, Magnesium Stearate


Swatch of Bachelor  Watson  ( Photo above  with Natural lighting )

The eye shadow is a base Nude color with some light shimmer , as you can see its so nude that it blends with my arm color. It’s such a lovely nude color that works as a every day eye shadow . One that looks great wearied alone or combine with other dark or light eye shadow colors.

Blending/ Staying Power  :  It has little to no fall out when I blend it to my eyes . The staying power is great on my oily eyes . I just add some  oil control power  before I place the eye shadow and the color stays with out fading  .which , is great  because one issue that oily eyes have is the we can’t keep the color on , it just melts away!!

Eye Shadow 2 :  Consulting Detective  ( Photo below natural lighting  )

20140304-191755.jpgConsulting Detective is a  light plum color  purple with pick shimmer . This  color is so so pretty and looks great with nude /pink, brown tone eye shadows . I love how you can use it alone and with other colors without making your eyes so over powered with color. A great purple color that can be pull off as a everyday  color . This color sure will get its use now in spring & summer .

Ingredients : Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Magnesium Stearate


Swatch of  Consulting Detective  (Photo Above with natural lighting)

Look at how beautiful this color is !!, it  words out Spring ! It’s such a lovely plum purple  as you can see the pink shimmer  in the sun light.  I love to use this to make a smoke eye look that is soft enough for me to wear to work .

Blending/ Staying Power  :  It has little to no fall out when I blend it to my eyes . The staying power is great on my oily eyes . I just add some  oil control power  before I place the eye shadow and the color stays with out fading  .which , is great  because one issue that oily eyes have is the we can’t keep the color on , it just melts away!!


Lip Juice :  Satisfied Grin ( Photo Below )


Satisfied Grin is a Wine color that can go  on sheer like a lip tint and can go dark to create a dark color lip that is wearable for everyday .  This is a lip product that you can really play with how light or dark tone you would like it to look . I use it as a light lip tint to give my lips some color or over a light  color lipsticks to give it some depth.

Ingredients :  Unrefined she butter, virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, candella wax, mica, titanium Dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, boron nitride , magnesium stearate, vitamin E , peppermint essential oil.


Swatch of Lip Juice ( Photo Above natural lighting  )

The Photo above is a light swatch of the Lip juice, as you can see its light in color and can go as dark at the color in the container . The lip juice is more oil base but goes on smooth like coconut oil or butter. It is very long lasting  and keeps your lips moisture. Like any lip product you have to reapply it during the day . One thing I love about this products is that it left your lips soft compared to others that left it more dry then what my lips began . 

 The lip Juice Scent : It has a light scent of peppermint but it was light and didn’t give you that tingle feeling. Just a nice fresh scent that fade away as you blend the lip product into your lips.



Over all Review on Sherlock Collection

I really love this collections and has been a stable from me in the fall/ winter months to add some color to my skin. I love how the product has such few ingredients. The performance of each product  for me  is of high quality and believe me I have used other products with a higher price point   and don’t give  me the performances of these. I love the price point, I believe to be green  it should not break the bad  !

One thing that Impress me the most beside the cute package that I can’t stop looking at but the Fact that I finally found eye shadows that don’t causes me irritation or allergies in my eyes . This is one of the reason why I stop wearing eye shadow a while back ( Note  : all I use is natural products in my whole life but have very very sensitive eyes . ) . I don’t know what she is doing different but what ever it is I hope she Keeps at it !

This is one of the things that made me such a big fan ! I thank her very much for this 🙂 I finally get to wear color in my eyes !

I hope you enjoy this review  &

Keep  your eyes out  for  more review on Brija Cosmetics  collections  & products ! 

(Note : products where bought with my own money and review is my own thought & view of the product .)






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