Goodebox March 2014



It’s that Time Again !!! It’s Goodebox Time 🙂

“The theme of this month is Clean out, Detox and reboot”  .

Basic info of Goodebox

Goodebox is a Eco-friendly subscription service that focus in providing green product  to try. The products range form beauty,health,lifestyle body items . This is a monthly sign up subscription services . The product size are either full size ,deluxe or  small  packet sample’s.   In addition you can find product detail information and green beauty tips.

For more information on the subscription and blog  go to

Inside the March Box


1. Celsus Bio-Intelligence Scar cream  : Bottom Left 

( sample of 3,  0.04fl packets , Full size 0.7oz  $ 19.99)

I seen this product around  but never  really look into it  until now .  It looks to be a great product for scars, acne scars and even sign of aging.  I gave one to my MOM for her aging skin and spots . So Ill let you know how she liked it.

2. Jadience Herbal Formula Purifying Toner & Exfoliating Scrub : Bottom Right

( Sample of toner  1 oz  Full size 4 oz $19, Sample of Exfoliating scrub .5 oz , Full size  4 0z, $ 34)

This is a new brand for me , In which I have not hear off. But I am exited to try their products.  The products smell really good and they are natural brand. I’ll be taking these guys with me to a upcoming trip .

3. Pacifica  Stellar Gaze Mascara : Top Left

( Full size  8.8ml, $14)

I was happy to see this in my box as I am still looking for a Mascara that works for my sensitive eyes . I have not use it yet but I will be providing a full review once I do use it . One thing I can tell you is that I like how it has a short handle . It makes it easy for me to handle the brush better, specially in the eye area.

4. DetoxRx Nature Prescription Cell- U Firm Body Gel  :  Top Center

( Sample  .81 oz, Full size 8 0z, $39.95 )

I thought this was a very intersecting product ,  its a firm body gel that you massage on your body where you are most concern like arms, stomach and etc. The new thing to see is that you can find products like this that are vegan, natural and Non-gmo, like this one.

I actually pass this one to my MOM ,  and she is using the sample . Ill give you feed back on this product soon.

5. Pangea Organics Lip balm & Turkish Rose & White Tea eye cream  : Top Right

( Lip balm Full size 0.28 oz, $12 & Eye cream sample  0.13 oz, Full size 0.5 oz , $60 )

Another brand that I am happy to be able to try out . I love lip balms and I am always looking for a new one to try. Can I say that this Lip Balm is So Big in size compared to my other lip balms. It smell lovely like lavender and you know me I love Lavender!

They also send a packet of eye cream, which I have not used yet but sounds lovely . So I look forward to getting a feel for this product.


Summary of March 2014 Box

I love everything in the box even the items that I pass on to my Mom. As I thought she would benefit more from them then I would at the moment . Actually she was very happy to know and try products that are natural but also happy to know products  that are for  firming and aging . 🙂

Love the size and sample choices that where pick out for this box , and I can’t wait for the up coming box’s to get spring and summer goodies.

I hope you enjoy this goodie box review until next month ! 🙂

( The box was bought with my own money and  giving a honest review always )




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