Health Snack That I Love


Snack that I been Loving

I have my favorite snacks to each between meals during the day but from time to time I like to Add new editions to my snack Picks and here are a Few that I been really Loving .

Health /Eating Tips:

Its important that you Eat a Snack between meals to keep your body going in creating energy but also staying healthy.  Eating Snacks is a important part of control your weight and maintain it .  Snacks are just as Important as meals as it helps your body and healthy in many ways  such as: weight control, avoid over eating , keeping healthy weight, body energy and are just a few of eating snacks benefits.


1. Kind Bar  : Dark Chocolate Nuts & Salt

Cost Range : $3 to 4 , 1 bar , 16 in a box for $20 to $ 24

Find : At your local Target store, Natural food store or at

I been wanting to try these bars for a while but I finally got my First Kind bar ! I love chocolate & Nuts so I pick the Dark chocolate nuts & sea salt . I LOVE the combination and it taste so good . I kind of like to have this as a treat for those chocolate or sweet tooth days. AS I feel is better eating this then a whole bar of chocolate .

Nutrition Facts :  No Trans Fat ,7grams of Fiber, 6grams of Protein, Non GMO, Gluten Free, No sugar Alcohols, vit. E 25%, Iron 8%,Calcium 6%, 5grams of sugar, made In USA  ( just to name a few of the facts).

In terms of Nutrition : I like this bar for it high amount of Fiber and Protein , compared to other Bars. The sugar amount is low which is great and  the fact that is made with only 11 ingredients .

2. That’s It Fruit Bar  : Apple & Mango

Cost Range : $2 to 3 ,1 Bar

Find : Look  at  your natural super market or whole foods.

 AS we know fruit give are body many great healthy benefits . For this reason We should be add and eating 4 fruit servings in are daily eating routine  .

This Bar is awesome for those on the go like me . I just grab this and eat it and I know that I am having 2 serving   of fruit with it . It taste so good just like if your eating that fruit . I love how the taste is just so raw like if your eating the actually fruit. My favorite is Apple & mango. One thing I did find that it takes time to get use too the texture of this bar .as its a little too chew . But once’s  you taste it you forget about it.

Nutrition Facts : No added sugar,Gluen Free, All Natural, Kosher, Vegan , Raw, No fat, Non GMO,  3grams of Fiber, 100 Calories, No preservatives, 25% Vit. C , Made in USA.

In terms of Nutrition : I could eat this bar every day . I love how these are made with ONLY Mango & Apple that’s it nothing else is Added. This is what I call a True Fruit Bar. You are getting the best of a fruit on the go. Also the nutrition ingredients are great . I highly recommend these to people who have trouble eating fruit or adding it to their daily food routine. 

3.  Clif Kid ZBar : Chocolate Brownie

Cost Range : $4 to $5 for a 6 bar box

Find: At your local Target, Natural super market like whole food and can also be food at

I love chocolate and always like to have one in my bag  as a day treat . But I am always looking for a better way to eat it in the sense of giving my not just a sweet treat but also a healthy nutrition benefits too. So I got these Bars and they have a rich chocolate taste to them but are a just a little dry for my taste. They are great to eat with almond milk .

  Nutrition Facts :8grams of whole grain, 12 vitamins & minerals, USDA Organic, No preservatives, No Artificial color or Flavors, No Trans Fat, 120 calories.

In terms of Nutrition: One of the things that I like most about this bar is the Fact that you get a good amount of Vitamins & Minerals with it . Plus , Its made with all Organic Ingredients. It’s low in calories and has no Bad stuff . This is a much better chocolate bar compared to Kinds Bar ( mention above ) in terms of Nutrition.

4.  Annie’s Homegrown : Organic Berry Berry Granola Bars

Cost : $4-5 the box of 7 bars

Find : At your local Target store, Natural food store, Whole foods, and

I love berry bar and I got this one to try. I love how its not to sweet and that it has a soft chewy crispy texture. I really enjoy this bar in the morning  with some yogurt .

Nutrition Facts :  USDA organic, 8grams of whole grans , 2grams Protein  NO corn syrup, No Preservative, No Artificial Ingredients , 120 calories,No trans Fat, Made in USA.

In terms of Nutrition: In terms of nutrition it  has 2 grams of protein ( very Low)  and very low vitamin percentage, so for me this is not a very high nutrition bar for me as a Snack. But I do love to use it to add it to my plain yogurt and add it to my fruit bowl . I would eat this bar more as a add on then a actually snack bar.

Summary of Snacks

I love all these snacks and I thing they are a great picks for a more healthy snack choice . Also If you are just begin to add more healthy snack picks to your snack I thing these are great to try for their great price and great ingredients .

And , Remember to eat a Snack between meals to keep a healthy body.

I hope you enjoy this Snack Post!


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