February Favorites


My favorites this month includes a lot of herb scent items . I been on this kick for some time now since the cold has been putting my sinus in High Gear. These items have been my grabs and go too to be able to function and keep my sinus from getting crazy . Lets get to my Favorites !

1. Level Naturals Body Polish in  Eucalyptus Lime

I had mention this product before in a previous post call the Flue & cold Kit  and here it is Aging.  I just LOVE this body polish for the fact that it makes you feel like your getting a luxury body scrub  and the scent is just heaven for my sinus . Its like getting breath therapy. 🙂 IN addition the body polish leaves your skin  soft with no oily feeling  and  rubs away all that dry skin  form the cold weather . It has a balance scent of lime and Eucalyptus, not over powering .

2.  Aura Cacia Clearing Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Room & Body mist

I got this product in a moment that I needed something that I could just spray on quick when my sinus Really Got To Me  . I would just spray this on my Face  two times and just Breath it IN. This really help me to  breath better  while I was on the go. ( And Yes, I did get a few wired looks when I did this Public ) . I got to say this is One of those Finds that have become my go too in my bag.  The scent is not over powering as it is balance out with sweet orange and lavender oils. I also use this at night in combination with level natural body polish (mention above).  I also spray it on my pillow at night to help me sleep .

3. S.W Basic Brooklyn Lip Balm In Cocoa

This is another Item that I include in a pass post. This keeps my lips soft and help to keep my lips form over drying when its cold out or cause by my sinus. This has a cream formula feel without any sticky feel on the lips . This lip balm had become one of my staples and in My TOp 5 Lip balms  .

4. Stash Organic White Tea with Mint ( USDA organic )

This Tea was Just perfect to drink when I was with my sinus because it was light with yet a refreshing taste. I enjoy every sip of this Tea. It became a staple for my morning and night routine. In addition, I would put my face over it  and just let the steam rise up to my face. Just very lovely and I took this tea every where with me .

( All the products mention Above in My Favorites are Vegan, made with natural mineral, made with essential  oils)

Although my favorite list is small but all the products mention where very powerful in that they where products that help my from the inside and out . In addition, gave me wellness benefits to heal my sinus but also made me feel good as a whole.

I hope you enjoy my Herb  theme favorites picks this month  🙂

” IF you happy within, that Will Shine  from the Outside “

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