Quick DIY: Eye Shadow Case


Do you have many loose sample of eye shadow laying around ? Want to use them but don’t know where to put them? Well, I had the same issue as I been getting in a lot of samples to try product. But many come in little baggies or small container. They are put in a great way but found myself loose more product then what I  was using,  as small smoke of dusk would air up every time I open it  or close it :(.   Plus , I always fear that my clumpy hand would drop it 🙂 .

…….Here is what I did …..

I was wondering by at my local dollar store , and seen a pill case . Light Bulk “light over head”  brightening  UP. These case are a nice size and are securely close . “I Say to myself this would make  a great loose Eye Shadow Case “.

…..What you Need…..

(Picture Above )

1. Any Pill Case  ( make sure that it close tight , don’t want any loose eyeshadow come out between  the holes)

where to find  it : You can find these easy like at your local target Walgreens, local craft store( check in the bead section)  or at your local dollar store . They also come in many shapes and colors . I found this square one at my local dollar store.

2. A Marker or Sharpie ( I choose Black but you can pick a fun bright color to make it more personal to your taste )

Where to find it: You can gets these at any school supply, dollar store , target  & etc.

3. Sticker labels or Washi Tape ( I used a round colorful sticker label but I am sure you can find these in many shape and colors. I think Waspi Tape would be fun to use too.)

Where to find it :  You can find both items at your local craft store , school supply and even at the dollar store .

4. Loose Eye Shadow or any Loose makeup power that you have  .

>>>>Now lets get to the fun part and start  personalize are CASE<<<<<<<


In step 1 :

Take you sticker label of choose and place it in each box case/box  lid. If you use Washi Tape just cut a piece that fits to the size of each box/case  lid .  I used the round labels  and the fit was perfect. 🙂 ( Picture showed Above)


Step 2:

Take a marker of choose and write the name of each loose shadow or loose  power in the label sticker. You can do this before or after placing the sticker label on each box . I put it after and just wrote the name of each . ( Picture Above )


Step 3:

Now add your loose shadow to each box . Do be careful that you don’t get power every where. What I did was open the baggie and careful  place the bag  inside the box and tap the baggie so the product would come out  all over the place .

♦…..Final Product…..♦


This is what the final Product or Eye Shadow case look like, after the easy three Steps and getting a few inexpensive materials.  

I love this case because it makes it easy to get the eye shadow with a brush , also I have all my sample’s in hand in one place.  Most important NO, Air Dust Here :), which means that I won’t loose any powder.

I hope you enjoy this quick DIY post and that you had FUN reading and making it .

IF you Do Make One Place post a picture down below or twitter Me  . Would LOVE to see how you personalize Yours.

Until next Time , Greener’s  🙂


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