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IMG_0034( My backyard )

This is a Tag that  was created by Rachel of All Natural Aspiration. Many Green Bloggers Have been sharing their experiences in how they gone green. And let me tell you that it has been fun readying everyone’s Tag  but also a learning  experiences , which is the whole idea behind this Tag.

So Here, I will be jumping in the Boat and sharing my response to the questions created for this Tag.

Remember to read all other green bloggers Tag Post and of course share your answers  🙂 .

What started it all for you ?

Both my grandmothers where high influences too me . Both where natural believers in that mother nature was humans  best healers.  In addition both where natural medicine doctors for the community where they live. Which is something very common when living in the Caribbean islands  as this gift is pass down to one family member.  SO I grew up around plants , literally in a rain forest to be specific  and as a child I was taught about each one and their benefits . In addition, we had a farm and everything that We would eat was grown  or fish out in the ocean.  So I guess You can say I was raise Green , not sure how you would put it.  Of course having this life style I learn by first hand the benefits right of the bat and well, grew with green fingers, jejeje.  In addition, I was taught to respect and care for mother earth , so grew up with that mind set too.

( The picture above is an actually picture of my ocean view form my backyard, the other view is mountains & forest , lets just say a lot of green :))

What was the first thing to go ?

Not sure , how to answer this question, mmm. As I didn’t let go of anything or didn’t have too. AS even when I move to the US for work reason, I still grow a lot of things in my indoor garden. And I don’t us any beauty or food products that are not organic . To be honesty, a lot of my beauty products I make my self  by using plants or other natural resources.

What are you/did you struggle to let go ?

I would say one of my struggles was when I move and travel around for work In the US. I had such a hard time finding places or if I did it was a very long drive to get to those products. Luckily, I knew friends and people that  where green and guide me to shops or places to go . AS mention before I didn’t let go of anything that I use as I always used organic products in terms of food,beauty and etc. Also A lot of  beauty products where home made by using plants natural coloring , and other natural resources that where found where I live.

What has been your best find or change ?

I have always use oils for many things , specially coconut oil as this was a common found in my island . But one discover oil that has been like heaven for me , specially as I age is Argan oil. It has help my Acne so much .  Although, I am learning that not every Argan oil is process the same even if its organic or 100% pure. As my skin has reacted different . So I am kind of playing around with  the brands that offer this oil  to see which works best for me.

What has been the worst thing about going green ? What has been the hardest to transition or find an adequate green replacement of ?

I think in my case when moving to the US , it has been finding access to products that are green and meet my standards. (It’s not like going to your backyard and picking it of a tree and going inside and making the product , like I did.)   Also many green products are not access by hand for you to see and try yourself physical . As many green products are found through online stores. So you have to go to a lot of try and error when its this way. At least that’s how it been with me.  You know going from forest to building and stone , it tough . 🙂  Big Game Changer for Me.

I don’t use makeup but every since living in the U.S it has cost be to loose my warm tone skin color and has made me pale white. Which, I don’t like . Which has lead me to use makeup now so i don’t be looking like a walking ghost . But Makeup in general has been a hard to find green product for me . Specially since my skin reacts to any thing very quickly that is not natural/organic  or  not chemical free.

Anything else to add ? Any tips or tricks to pass on ?

I still grow a lot of things in my home garden form fruit , plants, vegetable , which is my mine sources for a lot of things. But for other items I buy at my local farm stand/venders or a local green market I guest you can say like whole foods or others that focus on organic product in my area.

But When I am Home , Everything is form the family  farm or fish out in the ocean. 🙂

In terms for advise or tips 

1.I would say READ all labels of any product !  To make sure that their is nothing there that you don’t want to put in your body.

2.Stay up to date with what is changing in labels and how they are used.

3.Stay in touch with the green community, their is a amazing green people in Twitter that are constant  updating  and also follow green Bloggers or Green community groups.


Coconut oils can be used for so many things  here is a few of my favorites:

a. Use its as a natural sun sunscreen it has  a range of 5-10  natural SPF  .

b. Mix one part coconut oil and One part natural sugar of choice , then mix . You have your self a natural body scrub.

c.In addition, add Honey to give your skin a radiant shine.

d.For a lip scrub add flavor to taste by adding a natural  oil that is safe to use in your lips like mint or peppermint. Or even better add   fresh mint  leaves to your scrub 🙂

e. Use coconut oil as a deep hair treatment , just rub oil to your middle and lower layer of hair , leave for 30 minutes and rise and then wash with your shampoo.

f. A natural face makeup remover, massage some oil to face and wipe with a cotton ball or item of choice. Great for eye makeup.

……Your Turn……

I had a lot of fun doing this Tag and thanks for Rachel for creating a great TAg.

Remember to check Rachel Blog that has some great information  and Join in this TAg.

If you do the Tag Please forward  your answers  to Rachel , more information found at her page that is link above.

Thanks , until Later.


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