Goodebox February 2014

20140116-115249.jpgIt’s Goodebox Time !

The Goodebox for the month of February is Here ! The theme for this month focus in Loving Ourselves ♥

♥Inside the BOX♥


1. Eco-Armour : Shave with benefits Shave Foam

(Photo bottom left )

1.7oz sample size & ( $18.95, 4 oz full size)

I got the mint + eucalyptus scent one , which smell amazing and couldn’t come in a better time as I been with a trouble sinus . This product is used for shaving but also suggest to be used as a Face Wash, which is how I am using it . The mix of mint and eucalyptus scent is refreshing .

2. Jamu Spa’s Certified organic massage & body oil

(Photo top right)

1 oz sample size & ( $29, 8 0z full size )

I got the oil in the scent of Ginger Spice .  It has a light scent of spice and a fade scent of ginger. A very light fade scent ,which is great for those days that you want a oil is light in scent.  The oil leaves your skin with a silk finish touch & super soft . It does not leave the skin feeling  oily at all.  According to the product information this oil is multi use as it can be used in your body , hair and massage oil. I am going to try to use it as a hair oil for my ends to see how it works but so far love it as a body oil.

3. SUMBODY Bath salt & Bath melts

(Photo Bottom Right )

Bath Melt 1 melt (full size , $5.50) & Bath Salt sample size ( $ 39 -$45 , 20 0z full size )

I have tried Sumbody soap  before and was glad to see more products to try from this brand . I have not tried these yet as I am saving them for travel trips . But I look forward to trying their bath products :).  One thing for sure that I can tell you  is that both products smell really good!! It smells like Caribbean air with coconut milk . The smell reminds me of HOME 🙂

4. The All Natural Face Dive Stick Highligther

Diva Stick Full Size , $4.88 ( Photo Center item )

When I seen this in the box my EYES had Stars in them. I been in a Kick with trying some of  this brands products. I heard great things about the Diva stick from Green YouTuber’s that I follow .  This is a new product from The All Natural Face made just for Goodebox. I have been using it and love how it works most important it does not focus in fine lines or creases . Looks really natural. Will not say much as I will be having a full review soon. But some of use have been Raven about it in Twiter! 🙂

You can get it at the  NOW on their website.

5. Tallulah Jane Naturals Aiyana Natural Eau De Parfum

( Photo Top Left)

Sample size  .033 fl oz  & ( $48, 1 oz full size )

I been in a kick Too with natural perfume and was glad to see this in my box .The notes of it is Pure moroccan rose, Vanilla & Rock rose & Italian lemon.  Its made with natural essential oils and a blend of organic grape alcohol.

How it smells :

It has a main note of Vanilla with a light note of Pure Moroccan rose & Rose rock . The Italian  lemon Adds a Spice note to the fragrances.

To my nose it’s a sweet spicy scent.  A little in the over power side but not to much that you feel sick to the smell.


Over All , I Love this month box alot of new brands and products to try. One important thing is that these are item that I will use . I love the theme of acknowledging self care and how the products focus around that too! Another Great Box form Goodebox.

Until next Month 🙂

( My review is my own Honesty thoughts and the subscriptions is paid with my own money)



4 thoughts on “Goodebox February 2014

    • Thanks for the lovely comment , I have the same issue perfume . Some other brands to check out that I am trying is Osmia Organic and Lurk and Wei lotus .It focus on oil basic fragrances. Scent form these brand are eathly, floral , woody.

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