Candy : Chocolate Love !


Chocolate LOve !

LOve is in the air and so is Chocolate ♥

Here is a sweet Post …… to sweet a Day or Any day . 🙂

I am a BIG chocolate LOver , I always carry a chocolate candy in my everyday bag and makeup bag . Yupe , even makeup gets some sweet love by chocolate. 🙂

In the above Photo are some of my all time Favorite Chocolate.

( All the Chocolate mention in this post is ORGANIC or NATURAL )

1.Justin’s  Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

If you LOve peanut butter cups you have to try these. They are so good and rich in flavor that it’s hard to just have one or two.  The ones in the (photo) are dark and milk chocolate . They do come in other flavors such as mint chocolate, and among others.

FACTS: its USDA Organic ! ,  Contain 200 calories, total of fat is 16g or 24% of fat, Dairy Free, Gluten Free

2. Sweetriot Dark chocolate covered Cacao Nibs

Theses are great to have in you bag as it comes in a tin package . I have these always in my bag , just love to have these in hand when I just need that one small bite of chocolate when I am on the go.

FACTS: NO Gluten, GMO-Free or  No Dairy ingredients , Natural ingredients ,  140 calories , total of fat is 10g . 1 calorie per piece  & packed with antioxidant.

3.Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate Bar  with Hazelnut /Currant

This lovely chocolate bar  that comes in other flavors like milk & white chocolate , w/nuts and among others. This chocolate is rich in flavor . One that is great to enjoy eating by little pieces.

FACTS: Organic, Fair trade ,USDA organic, 250 calories, total of fat 14g or 22% .

4.Angell Dark Chocolate Bar with almond

This is bar that is a great size and great to put in any giving bag for a treat on the go. Love the rich taste that is not to bitter or to light just right.

FACTS: USDA Organic, Gluten-Free, Calories 160, Fat 10g , non-GMO, no corn syrup

Other Chocolates……

These two other Chocolate squares are good with mostly natural ingredients. NOT USDA Organic .

1.Jer’s Squares

Theses little squares taste so good and are made with all natural ingredients . They come in a few different flavor’s.

FACT: Made in USA

2. Lindt Chocolate

This square chocolate is a RICH taste . Really like this for those days that you want a Rich chocolate.

FACTS: Gourmet chocolates,Made in USA

I hope you enjoy this Sweet post .

All the  organic/ non-organic  chocolates can be found at your local natural store like whole foods for example. You can also find some of the organic chocolates like Green & Black’s at your local TARGET store. 


♥TO check for  any ingredients and  read label’s if you are allergy or have a preferences in terms of ingredients♥

Have a chocolate DAy !!


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